12 Places of interest on the way to Kintamani

12 Places of interest on the way to Kintamani

12 Places of interest on the way to Kintamani – Want to take a vacation or an excursion to Kintamani? If you depart from the Kuta Bali area, Kintamani will feel long if you don’t know the tourist attractions in the same direction. Well this time I want to share information about some popular tourist attractions that will be passed if you start from the Ngurah Rai airport.

Tourist attractions in Bali that are beautiful with panoramic views of the countryside are indeed in the mountains or villages. Because you can enjoy the beautiful and natural atmosphere. But the area of ​​Kuta is in urban areas that can be visited by malls and mangrove forests. So, for more details, let’s look at the tourist spots that are in the same direction from Kuta

12 Places Of Interest on the way to Kintamani from Kuta or South Bali must be visited

1. Mangrove Forest

12 Tempat Wisata yang Searah Kintamani yang wajib dikunjungi

A protected forest in the swamps that is used to maintain the stability of the soil so as not to abrasion. But we can also travel in the middle of this forest, because we have provided a wooden bridge that connects one place to another.

Walking down this neatly arranged wooden path is perfect for you and your family to spend time under a thicket of mangrove trees. The calm and cool situation will make us operate here longer.

2. Big Garden Sanur

12 Tempat Wisata yang Searah Kintamani yang wajib dikunjungi

The next places of interest on the way to Kintamani from south Bali is Big Garden. This tourist spot has a unique concept with a blend of art and culture and high creativity. You can explore this garden area with beautiful arrangements and cool photo spots.

Apart from being a cultural and instagramable tourist spot, big garden also has a swimming pool that you can use by adding an additional fee when entering this tourist garden. Located in Sanur, precisely in front of the red light at Padanggalak Sanur.

3. Batubulan Arts Village

12 Places of interest on the way to Kintamani

Batubulan Village is an art village which is located in the same direction or places of interest on the way to Kintamani and Ubud. Here you can find various local works of art that are a mainstay for the local community. Starting from Batik craftsmen who are well known in foreign countries, wood carvings, paintings and gold and silver craftsmen.

Many already know that Batubulan village is the center of most of the handicrafts or carvings both made of wood and stone that you find in all hotels in Bali. Well worth a visit if you want to know about Balinese art.

4. Barong and Kris Dance

12 Tempat Wisata yang Searah Kintamani yang wajib dikunjungi

It is one of the arts performing, that is presented to tourists who want to enjoy a trip to Kintamani. A show that tells about the difference between good and evil in everyday life.

Where the evil nature is symbolized by a scary face known as Rangda. With long fangs and tongue. Then the good nature is symbolized by a barong with a spring lion. These are 2 different things that always coexist in our lives

5. Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo Ubud

A first zoo in Bali to conserve hundreds of rare stars that have been tame by your presence. Find hundreds of herbivores to carnivores living side by side on 45 hectares of land.

Apart from being a family tourist spot Bali Zoo Park can also be used for children who want to learn about various types of animals. Ranging from Sumatran elephants, deer, tigers, lions, birds of various colors. In addition, there are many animal shows that can be enjoyed here.

6. Batuan Temple

Pura Batuan Ubud

The Batuan Temple is an ancient temple that was built before Christ with Balinese carved ornaments. Unique and historic for local residents and has become one of the world’s tourism icons to date.

The splendor of this temple with a beautiful gate has always been a favorite destination for foreign tourists when going on a trip to Kitamani or to Ubud. Because of the location we will pass when we travel to Kitamani and it is one of the tourist attractions in the direction of Kintamani.

7. Tirta Empul Holly Water Spring Temple

12 Tempat Wisata yang Searah Kintamani yang wajib dikunjungi

Tirta Empul Temple This is a historic temple that became a place of treatment for spiritual aspirants and people who believe in the miracle of holy water coming out from underground.

The tourists usually purify themselves in this place by bathing in 11 showers, each of which is able to eliminate all kinds of diseases. Both medical and non-medical diseases. Tourists who visit here will see many people doing self-purification by bathing under this shower.

8. Elephan Cave ( Goa Gajah Temple )

12 Places of interest on the way to Kintamani

Goa Gajah Temple is a historical site that is sacred by Balinese Hindus. Therefore there are provisions that apply to visitors who will enter the temple area. Provisions apply to Balinese Hindus.

Goa Gajah tourist attractions are liked by tourists because they offer a lot of uniqueness, namely: The entrance through the mouth of the cave is enough for one person. Outside the entrance there are carvings and 2 guardian statues

Then the side of the cave is in the form of the letter T, with a height of about 2 meters. and 2 meters wide. On the left and right side of the hall there is an alcove which was probably a place of meditation in ancient times. But now tourists can sit or lie down there. At the west end of the hall there is a Ganesha statue and at the east end of the hall there are 3 lingas.

Besides that, around the cave area, there is a lightning statue with 7 widyadara-widyadari statues holding holy water. Altogether there are seven statues, which are called symbols of the 7 rivers in India, the birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism.

9. Gunung Kawi Temple

12 Places of interest on the way to Kintamani

Mount Kawi is one of the cultural heritages and tourist attractions in Bali. The building on Gunung Kawi Bali, as a temple building that was built in the 11th century. Its location is near the Pakerisan river, in the Tampak Siring area which is northeast of the tourist attractions of Ubud.

In Gunung Kawi, there is a temple carved into a rock cliff at a height of 8 meters. in the amount of 10 temples. In the past, the role of this temple was to worship the king Udayana Warmadewa. The translation of the role of this temple is based on an inscription obtained at the Gunung Kawi tourist spot in Bali.

10. Agrowisata Coffee Plantation

Kopi plantation Kintamani

There are many other attractions that you can find in Bali. For example, tourism to coffee plantations (coffee plantation). Why is a trip to a coffee plantation interesting to visit when traveling to Bali? Yep! Because Bali is also known as the best coffee bean producing area in Indonesia. The process of planting, processing, fragrances, to the taste of the coffee has a certain uniqueness.

Many coffee plantations in Bali open agro-tourism packages. In addition to exploring the plantation area, visitors can also witness firsthand how coffee is processed by local residents. Starting from grinding, roasting, until later processed into one delicious cup of coffee.

11. Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Sawah Bertingkat Tegalalang

Ubud as one of the most popular tourist destinations because of the natural beauty around it which spoils the eyes. The comfort and cool air in Ubud makes anyone who travels here lazy to go home.

The beauty of Ubud is reflected in its lush forests, beautiful hills, and of course the neatest stretch of rice fields called the Tegallang Rice Terrace or what is known as the Tegallalang Rice Terrace. This super instagrammable rice field as rice terraces is arranged according to the traditional Balinese irrigation system called “subak.

12. Cafe in Kintamani

12 Places of interest on the way to Kintamani

The last tourist spot in the direction of Kintamani is, of course, Kintamani Village, which is famous for the name of the “Negeri diatas Awan”. Visitors can see the beautiful panorama of Mount Batur and the sparkling Lake Batur on Best cafe in Kintamani.

Kintamani as a resting place that presents a panoramic view of the mountains and lakes. Many cafes and restaurants are built on the edge of a cliff as if the building is floating. It’s beautiful to come in the morning with the ocean of clouds surrounding these cafes and restaurants.

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So that’s the list of 12 places of interest on the way to kintamni or same direction of Kintamani that must be visited during a vacation in Bali. See you in the next article.