5 Cheap ATV in Bali, the Best Must-try Prices Starting at 175k

5 Spot ATV Murah di Bali, Terbaik yang Wajib dicoba Harga Mulai 175rb

Hello adventurers who are on vacation or living in Bali and want to try cheap ATV in Bali? This time, I want to review about cheap ATV spots in Bali which are currently trending. Previously, Bali ATV had not been favored by domestic tourists. Where, as many as 90% of the participants are foreign tourists.

But now almost 50% of domestic tourists love ATV Riding activities in Bali. Travel in the open with an off-road vehicle capable of driving in all terrains. It is a very impressive experience for sure.

By using ATV Bali through muddy tracks, rice fields, forests. Then the green rural nature with a wide landscape of rice fields. You can even get caves and waterfalls in Cheap ATV Ride activities in Bali.

You will be accompanied by a Bali ATV guide who is experienced and ready to provide their best service. Friendly and keep an eye on every track and challenge you want to go through.

This Bali ATV Tour activity is really suitable for beginners or families. Because the trajectory and challenges you want to go through are really easy. So you will have fun for sure, while on vacation in Bali.

Cheap ATV Packages in Bali

For whom of you want to travel outdoor with this Bali ATV Ride, you can choose the package that has been provided in this adventure. There are cheap Bali ATVs that are single and tandem. So want to know the difference between the two? see the following explanation.

1. ATV Single Bali

Single ATV is an ATV ride with 1 ATV motorbike and one rider. In this package, friends will really be able to feel the real adventure. Really suitable for those of you who want to get the full satisfaction of using an ATV as far as exploration.

Of course, driving alone is more comfortable. Get a more fun experience when driving alone. You don’t have to think about the passengers behind you while crossing all the obstacles in an ATV ride in Ubud.

2. ATV Tandem Bali

Then ATV Tandem as an activity to ride ATV Bali by means of 1 ATV motorbike with 2 participants. Where one person is the driver and the other is the passenger. Generally this is taken when with children.

But some are taken by young couples or adults who feel less confident when riding a Bali ATV alone. But this package is not monotonous with similar riders. Riders and passengers can take turns to use the ATV and take turns for the pillion.

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Therefore, everyone has the opportunity to be a rider in overcoming the obstacles that are in this Ubud Bali ATV. Please feel this great experience not to be missed.

5 Cheap ATV Spots in Bali, the Best You Must Try

Here are 5 cheap ATV spots that you can try in Bali while on vacation to complete your vacation schedule in addition to beach tourism. Bali does provide many tourist attractions that you must visit.

One of these natural tourism activities, Bali ATV Ride tours. Let’s look at the list of atvs that we recommend, including

1. Jambe ATV Adventure

Cheap ATV in Bali

This is a cheap ATV provider in Bali which is categorized as a new provider. Even though they are new they have previous ATV provider experience. Because and want to provide an exciting experience for tourists to see, then Jambe ATV Adaventure was made.

The ATV track that is owned is almost similar to Kuber Bali Adventure. But it’s not the same because the Main ATV locations are in different places. Located on Jl. Pura Dalem Tegal Tamu, Batubulan, Kec. Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, Bali. About 30 minutes from Denpasar area.

Riding an ATV Quad Bike in local villages, and being able to interact with local residents. Then search the river until you find waterfalls and ditches, rice fields and mud. After that it crossed in the middle of the cliff and then entered.

You can get all of this at cheap ATV Adventure jambe because the promo rate is still valid until now. In addition to a cool track, the facilities provided are also quite complete.

Jambe ATV Adventure Prices for WNA

Ride ATV Single: 500.000/pax
Tandem ATV Ride : 750,000/ 2 person

Cheap ATV in Bali

Starting from safety equipment, showers and changing rooms, ample parking, lunch and insurance. So what are you waiting for, buddy, try this cheap ATV track and spot in Bali.

2. ATV Silakarang – Green Bali Adventure

5 Cheap ATV in Bali

Located in the Ubud area, exactly 35 minutes from Jambe ATV to the Ubud route. This ATV provider is quite close when starting from Denpasar.

Green Bali ATV Ubud or more commonly known as Green Bali Adventure has a challenging track they offer. I think it’s on the best track even though it’s one of the cheapest ATVs in Bali

The tracks they have are like rice fields with rural views. Next is a small river with green cliffs on either side. Waterfall and Goa with Dragon’s head.

This waterfall and cave was created to provide a different experience for participants who want to get another experience as far as ATV Bali.

Generally, the participants stop to make instagramable photos with the background of this waterfall and dragon-headed cave. There are many points that provide beautiful photo spots at Green Bali Adventure.

Bali Green ATV Ubud Prices for WNA

Ride ATV Single: 500,000/person
Tandem ATV Ride : 750,000/2 Persons

5 Cheap ATV in Bali

This has ensured all safety equipment, Bali ATV guides, not including lunch, Bali ATV ride for 1 hour 30 minutes by passing through the green nature in the village of Silakarang Ubud. And the most important thing is insurance throughout the research.

3. Balaji ATV Adventure

5 Cheap ATV in Bali

Next is Balaji ATV Adventure, this is one of the most recommended cheap ATV spots in Bali. Located in the village of Puhu, Payangan Ubud. Exactly about 30 minutes from the center of Ubud. This is one of the longest and best places to play ATV Bali in Bali.

Located in a remote area in the North of Ubud Bali, it offers an amazing experience Riding ATV on all terrains with long and challenging tracks. Find a great experience along rice fields, forests, rivers and natural Balinese villages that are not monotonous.

Next through muddy puddles and hills with beautiful green views. Even though it has the longest track, Balaji Adventure Bali is completely safe and suitable for beginners and professionals.

Balaji ATV Adventure Prices for WNA

ATV Single Bali : 475.000/pax
ATV Tandem Bali : 675,000/2 person

Cheap ATV in Bali

Facilities included: Welcome drink, professional ATV guide and safety equipment (helmet and boots). Furthermore, a bath and bath towels and soap are also included in it.

Play ATV Bali as far as 9 km with a travel time of 2 hours, Lunch after playing ATV. Besides that, insurance throughout the adventure is also included in it.

4. Kuber Bali Adventure

Next is Kuber Bali Adventure, this ATV ride is very popular as the most popular choice so far. Even though the price is higher than that, it is still in the category of cheap ATV in Bali.

And tourists feel more impressed and satisfied if they play ATV under the longest natural waterfall and tunnel in Bali. And only available at Kuber Bali ATV.

Located in the north of Ubud, about 15 minutes with the lobby location in the middle of rice fields, making participants feel comfortable to linger here. With a restaurant made in the middle of rice fields, it is specially provided for participants to enjoy lunch after playing ATV Bali at Kuber Adventure.

This ATV playground provides a wide and rural path of rice fields. Next down the valley towards the forest and plantations. You have to be prepared with obstacles going down and up and down the river to find a waterfall in the middle of the forest.

Generally, participants will stop to feel the natural waterfall that they will go through on this exploration. Besides that, you are also taken to play ATV in a long tunnel of about 300-400 meters.

Generally, participants spend 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours in this ATV Ride in Ubud with Kuber Bali ATV.

Price Kuber Bali ATV

Single ATV : 600,000/pax
ATV Tandem : 900,000/pax

Cheap ATV in Bali

For the facilities that will be obtained: Full Insurance, Safety Equipment, Professional ATV Guides. Lockers for changing clothes, complete bath with towels and soap. Then lunch at a restaurant in the middle of the rice fields.

5. Bali Beach ATV

If you want to experience ATV activities on the beach in Bali, you can take a location on one of the beaches in Tabanan Regency, Bali. This beach offers soft black sand and a setting away from the crowds.

The ATV play path is quite long. To complete it, more or less you will need approximately 2 hours from the start point to the finish point.

Along the ATV Beach route, you will be accompanied by an experienced guide. In addition, you will get safety equipment such as helmets and boots.
Domestic only Beach ATV prices

Single ATV Ride : 550.000/pax
Tandem ATV Ride : 950.000/ two people

The beach area must always be synonymous with the stretch of sand. Nach, as well as on this ATV track, where you will get a wide black sand.

Cheap Bali ATV Ride Guide

This ATV Ride activities Bali as an outdoor activity as well as in the wild. Therefore the weather will greatly affect the trajectory to be traversed. So for mutual safety it is expected to follow all the instructions of your ATV guide throughout this ATV adventure. please read the tips;

JungleQuad Bike

While exploring, don’t forget to wear safety equipment such as helmets and boots that have been provided by this Ubud Bali ATV service supplier.

For those of you who are members of the Bali ATV ride, before going down to the ATV crossing, our ATV guide will explain how to play ATV correctly and safely.

Doing freestyle is indeed something that is against and is possible to do in playing ATV Bali. But it must be a professional, for you are a beginner and never do this in the first place. Don’t even try!!

Because the crossing that we want to pass is a nature that is not flat like a highway. Sometimes there are sharp turns, mud, valleys. Therefore Don’t trigger your ATV at the speed limit that was announced before the ATV adventure

Every Bali ATV has the best protection for your feet, that is if your feet stay in this safe state. Therefore, it is not recommended to lower your feet when the ATV is running for the safety of your feet from clashes.

Important things you need to prepare

During an ATV ride in Bali you need to prepare various things before going to this cheap ATV spot in Bali. Here are some of the main points that you need to prepare for a better experience. One of them :

Change of clothes

Prepare a change of clothes before you go to join this ATV ride. Because, the clothes you use are certainly wet and dirty after passing through muddy tracks.

You can save in the locker provided. After the exploration is complete, you can clean yourself in the bath that is included in the package price, before changing your clothes.

Plastic bags

You can also prepare a plastic bag, although most ATV locations in Bali are provided. But sometimes it’s out of stock.

So you don’t need to unknowingly trace it to a place to put your wet and dirty clothes just now.

Sunblock / Skin Protective Cream

In ATV exploration, you should not forget to wear sunblock or sunscreen before starting this ATV Ride. It’s important to protect your skin from the sun when doing outdoor activities.

You certainly don’t want to go home with scaly and dull skin, right? So don’t forget to take it and wear it.


The camera is indeed a necessary thing for some people and not a must-have thing on an adventure for people who don’t want to be bothered.

But, if you want to document every moment in this fun activity, you definitely have to take it with you.

Make sure the camera you bring is equipped with a special wrap that can protect the device from splashes of water.


The last thing you need to prepare is don’t forget to bring enough extra money for your personal needs such as buying food or drinks after the adventure.

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So that’s it about the list of 5 Cheap ATV Spots in Bali that you can include in your travel schedule in Bali. Make your vacation more memorable.