Asta Gangga Sidemen, One Stop Recreation di Bali

Asta Gangga Sidemen, One Stop Recreation in Bali

Asta Gangga Sidemen is the most complete recreational vehicle in Sidemen Bali. This tourist attraction is a One Stop Recreation in Bali. Tired of vacations to the beach or the city and nightlife?

Now you can choose the Asta Gangga Sidemen tourist attraction as your next vacation destination. A complete family vacation vehicle in Tangkup Village, Sidemen, Karangasem Bali.

This tourist attraction includes a new tourist attraction which was opened on 20 November 2020. Asta Gangga Sidemen, Karangasem takes the concept as “One Stop Recreation” visitors are spoiled with many activities that can be followed at very affordable prices.

Located on a hill in the middle of Tangkup village, Sidemen offers beautiful natural potential with rural and mountainous situations. This place is really fitting to release tired and urban noise.

Location of Asta Gangga

This new tourist attraction located is on Jl. Bintang, Tangkup, Sidemen, Bali 80864 Karangasem Regency, Bali Island 80864. Within 39.2 km and takes about 1 hour 40 minutes from Denpasar.

Asta Gangga Sidemen, One Stop Recreation di Bali

Meanwhile, if you start from the tourist area of ​​Gianyar such as; Ubud area is closer about 20 km with a travel time of 1 hour to Sidemen. Then 25 km with a travel time of 1 hour 25 minutes, if you are staying overnight around Bangli tourist attractions, such as Kintamani.

Attractions and facilities

There are many choices of tourist activities that have been prepared at Asta Gangga Sidemen, starting from Vacation House Rentals, Campgrounds, Sports and Tours and activities for children to adults, including: Foto Swing Place, Flying Fox, Spot, Camp, Glamping, Restaurant and bars.

This tourist spot is quite complete with many activities or rides that have been provided by this Asta Ganga manager.

Opening Hours and Ticket Prices

For now, the opening hours of the Asta Gangga Park tourist spot are from 10.00 am to 18.00 pm. While the entrance fee will be charged per person

Local Bali ID : 15,000 per person, Domestic tourists : 25,000 per person, while for foreign tourists : 35,000 per person.

Where to stay near Asta Gangga Sidemen

In this area there are many places to stay that you can make a place to spend the night with quite friendly prices such as:

  • Griya Valud Sidemen
  • Subak Tabola Villa
  • Green Vanilla Bungalow
  • Abian Ayu Villa
  • Sweet Escape
  • Maha Neka
  • Cepik Villa Sidemen
  • Wapa Di ume Villa
  • Smanvaya Luxury Resort
  • Pondok Tepi Sungai

Places of Interest in Sidemen

Asta Gangga Sidemen, One Stop Recreation in Bali

The Sidemen area is a mountainous area with cool air. This district is dominated by views of mountains, hills, fields and verdant rice fields. In the middle of Sidemen sub-district flows the Yeh Unda river. This river is very important for irrigation sources that flow through the rice fields in this sub-district.

Sidemen is popular as a center for the production of Balinese songket cloth or also known as Songket Sidemen. This songket cloth is not only loved by local people who are used for religious ceremonial activities, it is also liked by foreign tourists, you know.

What’s more, now the sidemen songket has been made into other artificial products such as bags and wallets. Not only as a producer of Balinese songket, Sidemen has several recreational areas that can attract tourist visits.

  1. Bendungan Sungai Yeh Unda Hulu
  2. Gembleng Waterfall
  3. Cepik
  4. Tebola Sidemen Village
  5. Jembatan Kuning Yeh Unda
  6. Pemandangan Lembah Bodog
  7. Pura Petemon Sanggem
  8. Patal Kikian
  9. Persawahan Banjar Dukuh-Ogang
  10. Desa Iseh
  11. Pura Bukit Sangkan Gunung

So that’s a little about Asta Gangga Sidemen as a complete recreation area that you can visit in East Bali.