ATV Alasan Adventure, New ATV Choice in Ubud Bali

Alasan ATV Adventure

ATV Alasan Adventure Bali – Present to you ATV lovers with a new and challenging track. Located in Bresela Payangan Village, Ubud Bali, provider of the most complete choice of ATVs with engine capacities of 250cc, 450cc to 850cc. So you can choose according to your interests and conditions.

With a tense atmosphere in the middle of the Ubud forest, with an exciting and muddy track. You can find everything from bamboo forests, mud, plantations, private rivers, waterfalls to caves at Reason ATV Adventure.

This is slightly different from other ATV rides in Ubud such as Kuber Bali ATV which has tracks of rice fields, valleys, plantations, rivers, waterfalls and natural tunnels or caves that were built during World War II.

And KeepAll Bali ATV which also has a waterfall and cave. However, the difference is in the route and location which is closer to the Denpasar tourist area.

Meanwhile, the longest ATV track in Bali is of course at Balaji ATV which is in Puhu Payangan village, Bali. It is truly secluded in nature with an authentic Balinese village atmosphere.

The ATV place above only has two choices in terms of their ATV engine capacity, namely 150cc and 250cc. This is different from Reason ATV Adventures which comes with 3 different ATV engine capacity options. So it’s definitely more exciting if you want to try it with a larger engine capacity.

Trying out new 250 horsepower ATVs, 350 horsepower ATVs, and 850 horsepower ATVs will certainly shock your adrenaline even more.

Location of ATV Alasan Adventure

Located in the Ubud Forest which is 30 minutes from the center of Ubud towards Jalan Bresela Payangan Gianyar Bali. If we start from Ngurah Rai Airport, it will take 90 minutes to 2 hours to travel to Reason Bali ATV Adventure.

Trying with the large power of an ATV engine will certainly make it easy to conquer the 8 types of tracks on the Reason Bali ATV Adventure. With a total of approximately 6 km along the river, lush bamboo forests, mud tracks, giant caves and a wet arena for 90 minutes.

The Track Choice of ATV Alasan Adventure

Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-pumping journey through Bali’s enchanting Ubud Jungle landscape. With 3 ATV engine capacity options and exciting trails, our Bali ATV Ride guarantees an extraordinary and safe adventure.

Experienced instructors will guide you through bamboo forests, rivers, waterfalls, gorilla caves and muddy jungle streams, ensuring an unforgettable exploration of Bali’s hidden beauty. Get ready to embark on a Bali ATV Ride like no other with Reason Adventures!

Ubud Forest Trail with Waterfall and Giant Gorilla Cave

Try riding an ATV at Reason Adventure with various types of thrilling tracks along rivers, dense bamboo forests, muddy tracks, giant caves and wet arenas

Come explore our 6 kilometer track in 1 hour 30 minutes for a rewarding journey that you will experience forever in Ubud.

Prepare yourself to conquer river tracks, bamboo forests and forest tracks with thrilling off-road tracks.

Drive your ATV vehicle over the river in the middle of the village forest with your family and friends. Then feel the excitement when you have to break through the water channel and make water splash everywhere.

Meanwhile, a muddy track will require you to extra-regulate your ATV’s speed so you can pass through this obstacle smoothly.

But you need to remember to wear the right clothes and be ready to get dirty. Because, it is guaranteed that a muddy track will make the clothes you wear on your adventure wet and dirty.

Make sure you bring a change of clothes and wear clothes that are simple and comfortable to wear to make it easier for you to move while riding the ATV.

Instagrammable photo spot

During your adventure at the ATV Adventure area, you will not only conquer a thrilling track, but you can also find several points that are very Instagrammable.

This place is suitable for taking photos with stunning panoramas such as hills, waterfalls, caves with amazing giant faces in the middle of the forest. You can find a combination of nature and art on this route

Bamboo Forest Track

Alasan ATV Adventure, Pilihan ATV Baru di Ubud Bali

On this route, you will pass through a protected forest area with various types of bamboo trees belonging to local residents.

You will of course get this green panorama when adventuring in the bamboo forest area, which you can see on the left and right and it is cool to the eye.

Small Waterfall

Alasan ATV Adventure, Pilihan ATV Baru di Ubud Bali

Actually, this is not a natural waterfall like Sekumpul waterfall, Tegenungan waterfall or Git-git. Because it’s not for a sightseeing tour. But it’s good enough for adventure participants because ATVs will take the time to stop for a while to rest and immortalize their adventure by taking memorable photos with this waterfall in the background.

Your ATV guide will provide their best service if you want to take cool photos here. You can ask the guide to stop for a moment and help you take photos.

Goa Gorila Raksasa yang Unik dan Keren

Alasan ATV Adventure, Pilihan ATV Baru di Ubud Bali

Apart from the waterfall point, you will find an artificial cave in the middle of the Ubud Bali forest. At the mouth of this cave, you can also pose with this unique cave background. The shape of the cave mouth is very unique and beautiful, like the face of a giant.

The participants of this Reason ATV adventure adventure will go out on ATVs. Because this track will pass through a cave. Some of the background points above are guaranteed to give you attractive and impressive photos throughout your adventure.

Alasan ATV Adventure, Pilihan ATV Baru di Ubud Bali

ATV Alasan Adventure Ubud Price dan ATV Choice

ATV 250cc850.0001.000.000
ATV 450cc900.0001.200.000
ATV 850cc1.200.0001.500.000

Harga Termasuk

  • Ride an ATV with a professional guide
  • Safety equipment
  • Lunch & Drinks
  • Swimming Pool Access at Ubud Sunset Pool Bar (Cretya Sunset)
  • Towel
  • Suthle’s car
  • Insurance
  • Locker

Additional information

  1. Single ATV: 1 ATV for 1 person
  2. Tandem ATV: 1 ATV for 2 people

Preparation before joining Reason ATV Adventure

Before deciding to join the Reason Bali ATV Adventure, we recommend that you prepare several things so that your adventure is safer and you can get a better experience. Please see what preparations are required;

Bring a change of clothes

When crossing rivers and muddy tracks, your clothes will definitely get wet and dirty. Therefore, it is highly recommended to bring a change of clothes when joining this ATV adventure.

You can change dirty clothes in the changing room that has been prepared after cleaning yourself in the shower.


Use sunglasses, this is quite important during daytime adventures. because you can avoid glare from the sun throughout your adventure.

On average, the ATV helmets provided are not equipped with a visor on the front, so you can use sunglasses as an alternative.

Apart from that, sunglasses also have an important role in protecting the eyes from dust ingress. So don’t forget to bring your ATV adventure at Reason ATV Adventure


When going on an adventure, don’t forget to use sunscreen because sunlight can make your skin look dull and patchy.

The weather in Bali is unpredictable, sometimes hot and sometimes cloudy but accompanied by heat. That’s why suncream is really needed for those of you who have sensitive skin.

Bring a Camera

As for the camera, it’s actually not a point that you have to bring. However, if you want to document every beautiful moment throughout your adventure, you should not forget this.

Choose the type of action camera so you can take good photos. Because, this type of camera usually has a minimalist design and is equipped with a waterproof feature. So, it is easy to carry and safer to use for outdoor activities.

Tips Ride ATV in Ubud Bali

For the sake of mutual safety, it’s best to follow the tips while going on an adventure. Reasons for ATV Adventure Bali, let’s look at the tips before riding an ATV in Ubud Bali.

  • Use safety equipment such as helmets and boots that are provided
  • Follow the instructions explained by your guide before your ATV adventure begins
  • Don’t do freestyle if you are a beginner or have never been on an ATV adventure
  • Do not drive your ATV at the speed limit that has been announced before the ATV ride
  • It is not recommended to lower your legs while the ATV is running to protect your legs from impact

Aturan Naik ATV di Alasan Adventure

  • Anak- anak di bawah 6 tahun tidak di cover asuransi
  • Wanita hamil dan Penderita jantung tidak di ijinkan ikut aktivitas ini

Nah itu dia, tentang Alasan ATV Adventure Ubud Bali yang berlokasi di desa bresela payangan Ubud Bali.

Banyak penyedia wisata petualangan ATV di Ubud Bali yang menyediakan lintasan khusus untuk memikat pengunjung agar mau bergabung dengan mereka. Salah satunya ATV di Payangan yang lebih di kenal dengan nama Alasan ATV Adventure

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