ATV Kuber Bali Adventure, ATV Tour in Ubud Bali

Kuber Bali ATV Adventure, Wisata ATV di Ubud Bali

ATV Kuber Bali Adventure is an ATV tour located in the Ubud Bali. Specialy for an adventurer, ATV tours is not new one for them. Ride a 4-wheeled ATV Quad bike that can bulldoze all terrain (off road), so this is a challenging experience.

ATV Kuber Bali Adventure, provide satisfaction in ATV tours with most challenging trajectories.

First you will be given a trial about how to ride a Bali ATV before you pass through the green rice fields. And plantations with cool air. Next down a steep valley but safe and fun.

ATV Kuber Bali Track

The most great thing is riding an ATV in ancient Goa made during the Dutch colonial era. This Natural Cave was previously neglected and spooky, before being taken by Kuber Bali ATV as part of the ATV Adventure track. Besides that, you will feel like riding an ATV under a waterfall in the middle of the forest.

Kuber Bali ATV was officially established in May 2017 and as a Joint Business Activity (Kuber) in Bayad Village. Until now, Kuber Bali has set aside some of its income to support village income, especially the puseh temple in Bayad Payangan village, Ubud Bali.

Ride ATV through Waterfalls and Cave

Currently Kuber ATV Bali has a longer ATV track by crossing rice fields. Initially only had tracks through forests, rivers, waterfalls and caves with a total length of 4.5 km.

But now it has been developed with an additional track through the rice fields with a length of almost 1 km. Of course, it is very suitable for those of you who are truly adventurous.

ATV Kuber Bali Adventure, ATV Tour in Ubud Bali

Beside that, Kuber Bali Adventure also continues to make updates in terms of adding to the fleet.

Especially for the track in cave, it already has a length of approximately 500 meters and is the first and best in Bali. With this service you will enjoy and be happy with the tracks on Kuber Bali ATV.

Location of Kuber Bali ATV Adventure

If you are interested in join this tour, you have to pass through the Ubud center first. It is located in Banjar Bayad, Melinggih Kelod, Payangan, Gianyar Regency.

The distance is about 65 km with 1 hour from Ngurah Rai Airport or the tourist area of ​​Badung. While 20 minutes from the center of Ubud Bali. And if you are staying in the Kintamani area as a tourist attraction in Bangli, it takes 30 minutes to get to the Ubud route.

Being in the middle of rice fields with a spacious lobby will certainly feel comfortable and away from noise and vehicular traffic.

Price ATV Kuber Bali Adventure

For the price of ATV Ride Bali in Kuber Bali, it is said to be a little more expensive than cheap ATV providers in Bali. Kuber ATV always maintains the comfort and safety of participants with full insurance and the condition of the ATV motorbike is always good.

Then the maintenance of track facilities and experienced guides is not cheap because the price is a little expensive compared to other places.

In addition, Kuber Bali ATV have special track, will not find anywhere else. The price offered when it comes directly

  • Single ATV (1 motorbike 1 person): 600,000/person
  • Tandem ATV (1 motorbike 2 people): 1,000,000/2 people

Price Included

  • Professional ATV Guide
  • Safety Equipment ( helmet & boots )
  • Use of Lockers, Bath Towels, Bathrooms
  • Free Lunch
  • Insurance During ATV Ride Tour

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Advantages of Kuber ATV Bali Adventure

ATV Kuber Bali company as a provider of unique tracks such as waterfalls and the first Cave in Bali. This waterfall and cave existed before the ATV Kuber was founded. This is an advantage that Kuber Bali ATV has because the existing track is a natural track.

After the waterfall and cave tracks be pupular, other ATV Bali providers or companies tried to make a track by making caves and waterfalls. Of course it is much different with Kuber Bali ATV.

The location of Kuber Bali Adventure is in the middle of rice fields with a spacious lobby that can accommodate up to 100 participants. The location is comfortable and cool in the middle of the rice fields. There are lockers, spacious changing rooms, of course, making customers more comfortable.

The Customers will get safety equipment, for example: helmets and boots, experienced ATV guides. Welcome drinking water, lunch, use of lockers and changing rooms. In addition, Kuber Bali Adventure provides insurance for the ATV Ride.

ATV Kuber Bali Adventure with Special Tracks

The following is a special and natural track owned by Kuber Bali ATV, where this track will not be found anywhere else, including

Kuber Bali ATV Adventure, Wisata ATV di Ubud Bali

1. Riding ATVs in the Rice Fields

In Kuber Bali ATV adventure, participants will be given guidance on safe ATV driving techniques. Then participants will be invited to pass through the rice fields for more than 1 km. Exciting situation by driving your ATV faster, the track is safe for beginners.

2. Down the Valley

After starting to be trained with the conditions and how to ride the ATV, participants will be taken down the valley. Here team cohesiveness is really needed, where 1 participant with another must collide with each other.

Because with this position, participants can help each other in braking and are quite good in terms of safety.

3. Passed the plantation

Participants who have passed the track down the valley, can drive their ATV in the middle of the plantation with shady trees.

This garden track is really challenging because you have to pass through a winding track with slippery terrain. It’s really fun when the rainy season comes, because the trackkya is muddy.

4. Passing Natural Rivers and Waterfalls

Participants who have passed the plantation track will be taken down to the river with high cliffs on the right and left. Ride your ATV to the end of the river with a clear waterfall splashing just right in front of you.

On average, participants on this Bali ATV tour will stop under a waterfall and document photos of their exploration with a backdrop of cliffs and waterfalls.

5. Riding an ATV in a Dutch Colonial Cave

The next obstacle is riding an ATV in Cave. The echo of the sound of a noisy motorbike in a 500 meter long cave. can be an amazing experience that can not be found at other ATV places.

Don’t forget to turn on your ATV lights before entering this tunnel, so you can see the road filled with puddles of water.

Kuber Bali ATV Adventure, Wisata ATV di Ubud Bali

6. Playing in the Muddy

This is the last attraction for the participants, after going through a thrilling track. The location is right in front of the lobby. You can drive your ATV as much as you want before the Kuber Bali ATV adventure tour is over.

So that’s a little about Kuber Kuber Bali Adventure adventure which is one of the attractions in Gianyar that you can try. There are many adventure tours that Bali has today. So travelers are free to choose what activities they like.

Starting from ATV Adventure, River Rafting, Climbing Mount Batur and Climbing Mount Abang Bali. Everyone has their own way of enjoying their vacation. See you in the next article.