Tips ATV Ride Bali Ubud for Beginners and The Things You Needs

Tips Naik ATV di Bali untuk Pemula dan hal yang perlu di siapkan

ATV Ride Bali Ubud is a tourist activity that you can do when you feel bored with the beaches, natural scenery, and urban areas in Bali. This ATV Ride Bali Ubud is perfect for those of you who want to make your holiday more cheerful.

This activity is completely safe for beginners and professionals. This is an exciting thing if you want to get a different experience while on vacation in Bali.

In this ATV Ride Bali Ubud activity, you will be taken around on a 4-wheeled motorbike that is able to go on all terrains by crossing villages with beautiful panoramas and very challenging tracks.

Tips for Ride ATV in Bali Ubud for Beginners

Before you join ATV Ride Bali Ubud activity, you need to know first about how to ride an ATV in Bali so that your adventure is more fun. Here are tips for Riding ATVs in Bali for beginners, let’s check!

Use Safety Equipment

Before this ATV Ride adventure you are required to use safety equipment such as helmets and boots. But you don’t need to bring it from your home…All the equipment has been prepared by the ATV tour service provider in Bali. And this is included in the ATV Tour Package in Bali

This helmet is quite efficient in protecting our heads from collisions when we fall on the ATV. Meanwhile, boots will be able to protect your feet from the heat of the ATV engine.

Know the basic techniques of riding an ATV

The technique of riding an ATV in Bali is actually not much different from that of a motorbike. The difference is only in the gas operation step and gear shift between forward and backward.

Gas operation on the ATV is carried out by pressing the button on the left handlebar. While the gas operation on the motorbike is on the handlebars in the right hand.

Knowing a little about the basics of driving an ATV is very important. So that this Bali Adventure ATV runs smoothly. But you don’t need to be afraid, because before you are invited to cross the ATV adventure track in Bali, you will be given instructions first on how to ride an ATV.

Don’t lower your legs when the ATV is running

When riding a ATV in Bali, it doesn’t really matter if you lower your legs when you lose your balance.

ATV Through Jungle
ATV Ride Bali Ubud Through Jungle

But when riding an ATV, this is the most fatal thing, especially if the ATV Quad Bike you are riding is still in road condition. Because, ATV tires can drag your feet.

Then how to maintain balance? To stay balanced on the ATV, you can lean in the opposite direction to the tilt position of the ATV. For example, if the ATV is tilted to the right then you can lean slightly to the left or vice versa.

Don’t Ride ATV when on the influence of alcohol

If you are planning to do an ATV Ride Tour in Bali, do not consume any type of liquor or alcoholic beverages. Because, the influence of alcohol on us can make your concentration decrease while driving.

Lack of concentration will automatically make it difficult for you to control your ATV. Until, this can cause harm to ourselves.

Follow Your ATV Guide Instructions

Throughout the exploration, you will be accompanied by several experienced guides. For our safety, you should always follow the instructions for all the instructions they provide during this ATV tour.

Never try to do careless actions such as driving the ATV you are riding at high speed. Regardless of the state of the track, because this is really a risk for your safety.

Tips Naik ATV di Bali untuk Pemula dan hal yang perlu di siapkan
Ride ATV Bali Passing the River

Things you need to Bring

Apart from some of the ATV Riding tips in Bali above, you also need to prepare a few things before going to this ATV Ride Bali Ubud. Here are some important things you need to prepare for better experience. Among them:

Extra clothes

Prepare extra clothes before you go on this ATV ride Bali. Because, the clothes you wear must be wet and dirty after going through muddy tracks.

You can store it in the locker that has been provided. Then after the adventure is over, you can clean yourself in the bath which is also included in the package price, first before changing clothes.

Plastic bag

You can also prepare a plastic bag, although ATV play locations in Bali are usually provided. But sometimes the stock runs out.

So you don’t need to be confused looking for a place to store your wet and dirty clothes just now.

Sunblock / Sunscreen

Tips Naik ATV di Bali untuk Pemula dan hal yang perlu di siapkan
ATV Ride Bali Ubud Through Plantation

In this ATV adventure, you should not forget to use sunblock or sunscreen before starting. It’s important to protect your skin from the sun’s rays while doing outdoor activities.
You definitely don’t want to go home striped and shabby, do you? So don’t forget to bring and use it.


The camera is indeed something that is important for some people and is not something that must be present during an adventure for people who don’t want to be complicated.

However, if you want to document every event throughout your adventure, you definitely have to take it.
Make sure the camera that you bring has been equipped with a special wrap that can protect the device from splashes of water.

Extra money

The last thing you need to prepare is don’t forget to bring enough extra money for your individual needs such as buying drinks or food after the adventure.

Recommended Cheap and Best ATV Ride Bali Ubud

Talking about where to ride ATV in Bali, there is not only one provider, but there are many. Most places to ride ATV in Ubud Bali. Because the Ubud area still has a natural rural nature with extensive rice fields and dense forests.

Of all the ATV Riding places in Bali, I recommend Kuber Bali Adventure. Why Kuber Bali Adventure? Because this ATV Ride adventure provider in Ubud Bali has a track that you won’t find anywhere else.

The track is 7 km long by crossing rice fields, residential areas, valleys, forests, plantations, caves, waterfalls and mud puddles. For more details, let’s see below;

Kuber Bali Adventure

Kuber Bali ATV Adventure, Wisata ATV di Ubud Bali
Kuber Bali ATV

Kuber Bali Adventure as one of the providers of ATV Ride Bali Ubud, located in Banjar Bayad, Melingih Kelod Village, Payangan. The location is north of the tourist area of ​​Ubud.

About 20 minutes to Payangan if you start from Puri Saren which is in the center of Ubud. You can take Jalan Raya Kedewatan and go straight north towards Payangan.

The cool location and away from the center of the crowd makes the ATV adventure path provided more natural and full of green panoramas that make the eyes cold.

In addition, the Bali ATV Ride has a track that can only be found here. The hallmark of Kuber Bali Adventure is that there is a 500 meter long and unique cave track inside. As well as a natural waterfall in the middle of the forest, which you will cross.

Track of KUBER Bali Adventure ATV

The ATV Ride adventure track at Kuber Bali Adventure has a length of approximately 7 KM. Calculated from the start point to the finish point, you have to drive for 1.5 hours to 2 hours depending on your speed in driving the ATV.

Tips Naik ATV di Bali untuk Pemula dan hal yang perlu di siapkan
Cheap ATV Ride in Bali

With this long path, it is guaranteed to provide an experience that is more satisfying and more memorable while on vacation in Bali.

Well, this is a unique and fun track that you will go through during the ATV Ride at Kuber Bali Adventure. Please read directly below!

Rural Nature with beautiful rice fields

After getting an explanation on how to ride an ATV by your guide, then we will take the ATV route by passing through rural areas. In this path, you can see a beautiful panorama of the vast stretch of rice fields.

You can enjoy this exciting experience if the harvest season has not yet arrived. Because you will see a panorama of rice fields filled with green rice plants.

Riding an ATV while seeing this green panorama is one of the exciting experiences that you will get throughout the adventure.

Jungle with Challenging terrain

Then enter the forest trail by descending the valley where you can enjoy the green panorama and have to go through the challenging terrain.

This track is really challenging with muddy terrain and ups and downs and steep terrain will await you here. Prepare your adrenaline and all you have to conquer to spur your adrenaline.

Insagenic Photoshoot Waterfalls

ATV Melewati Air Terjun
ATV Ride Through Waterfall

In this waterfall often a place to rest by some guides and adventure participants. You can stop here while playing in the cool water.

Before continuing your exploration, don’t forget to take some photos with this instagenic waterfall background to decorate your social media pages.

After passing the waterfall, you will go back through the jungle with green trees until you finally arrive at the Goa point.

The Longest Dutch Age Cave

After passing through a muddy path and a waterfall in the forest. You will arrive at the coolest track by passing in a natural cave which is quite long about 300-400 meters. This is a historic cave that was made in the Dutch era.

Kuber Bali ATV Adventure, ATV Tour in Ubud Bali
ATV Ride Through Cave

Before entering the cave, you must turn on the ATV lights because it is quite dark inside. The path of this cave is quite long. In it, you have to go through a bend for a slightly slippery and watery bend in order to reach the end of the cave.


After you go through all the tracks above, you will finally arrive at a muddy puddle as a sign that you have successfully reached the finish point.

In this muddy puddle, participants will do several rounds around the tree in the middle. This is the coolest and cheapest place to ride ATV in Bali right now in Bali.

ATV Ride Bali Prices

For the price offered when ordering online is usually cheaper, please see the price and order online via the Kuber Bali ATV Promo

Single ( 1 ATV 1 orang )450.000/ orang
Tandem ( 1 ATV 2 orang )750.000/ 2 orang
Book promo, please send us message via whatsapp: 081217205656

Prices usually include: All Safety equipment, ATV guides, Lockers, Showers and Bath Towels. Then lunch, as well as full insurance are also included in this Kuber Bali Adventure package.

So that’s it about tips, adventure trails, places and prices for ATV Riding in Bali. Guaranteed this track will not make you regret by issuing these prices.