Best Cafe in Kitamani – hang out places in kintamani with mountain view

Best Cafe in Kitamani - hang out places in kintamani with mountain view

Best Cafe in Kintamani is hang out places with a mountain view became a trend and hits among the tourists. This tourist spot is demand by young people. Travelers may already know, besides beautiful beaches, Bali has a beautiful natural attraction, a panoramic view of Mount Batur with a beautiful lake located in Kintamani, Bangli, Bali.

Many of place hits posts in Kintamani are on social media with a view of Mount Batur background and an ocean of clouds. Here are 5 best cafe in Kintamani become to hang out places. I will review them and has always been a destination for tourists who are on holiday in Bali.

This is a cool hangout design with a mountain view while enjoying a cup of coffee or a light meal with an affordable price. But the experience given is very expensive, because the mountain view with the ocean of clouds is very difficult to find anywhere else.

5 Best Cafe in Kintamani become hangout place with mountain view

Not only that, you can also take pictures in some of these cool places. Because this cafe is hangout place in Kintamani with a mountain view, has an Instagramable interior.

Here are 5 best cafe in Kintamani with mountain view that you can visit with your partner. Let’s check one by one the advantages of them:

1. Montana del Café

Best Cafe in Kitamani - hang out places in kintamani with mountain view
Source @montanadelcofe

A cool view of Mount Batur from a distance while tasting a cup of coffee on the terrace of Montana del Cafe surrounded by beautiful weeds. Panorama of Mount Batur can be seen very clearly from this cafe. If you are lucky you can also see a cool ocean of clouds here.

Having its outdoor design on the edge of a cliff is very famous as a place to pose with Mount Batur background and Mount View.

The balcony arranged with aesthetic grass plants shows the beauty of the panorama of this cafe. Of course, it is very appropriate to be one of best cafe in Kintamani and the hangout places in Kintamani with mountain view.

The shape is millennial or contemporary, with walls made of large glass so that way the sunlight can enter easily. Up to this cafe room. This is one of the tourists attractions to choose to be one of the best cafe in Kintamani.

Highlights of Montana Del Cafe

Because indoor and outdoor cafe is beautiful. Meanwhile, on the outside, there is a bar table decorated with beautiful and Instagramable large umbrellas.

For those of you who want to come here, you should come in the morning for breakfast or just having a cup coffee. In addition A coffee as the main menu, there is also a food menu.

For the coffee menu, there are various like : manual brew coffees, lattes, and Montana Coffee as their mainstay products. They charge 35k for a cup of coffee. For non-coffee drinks, prices start from IDR 15,000.

As for the food is the breakfast menu (breakfast). Such as avocado on toast, eggs benedict, baked eggs, croissants, and several others. And the price is around 25K.

The location is very easy to find for those of you who are interested in trying the hits coffee place in Kintamani. Located on Jalan Penelokan No. 889, South Batur, Kintamani, Bangli. This cafe is open every Monday-Friday 08.00-18.00 WITA and Saturday – Sunday at 07.30-19.00 WITA.

3. Kintamani Eco Bike Coffee

Best Cafe in Kitamani - hang out places in kintamani with mountain view
source @ekobikecoffee

Besides the view of Mount Batur, this Kintamani hits hangout also provides a panoramic view of the ocean of clouds. That you can enjoy from the Kintamani Eco Bike Coffee terrace.

The location is very easy, because it has a “Kintamani Coffee” sign, in front of this cafe being the second hits hangout in Kintamani. You won’t have any trouble finding it. Because it is located on Jalan Raya Penelokan, South Batur, Kintamani, Bangli.

This cafe begins to receive visits or customers from 06.00 – 19.00 WITA. Cafe is different from other best cafe in Kintamani become hangout places with mount view. This place uses the concept of “farm to cup” not only in the form of a coffee shop, but there is also a coffee garden, coffee processing, roastery, and coffee hut.

Very different isn’t it? With the farm to cup concept, you can learn directly about the traditional Kintamani coffee processing process.

The experience that you will get here other than drinking coffee is making your own coffee, to joining the tour program they provide.

The panorama that can be enjoyed from this cafe is the view of three mountains that can be seen at once. Namely Mount Batur, Mount Abang, and Mount Agung.

Wonderful Experience at Kintamani Eco Bike Coffee

With a stretch of orange trees and coffee trees, it makes the situation even cooler. The coffee menu offered also varies, starting from latte, flat white, manual brew such as V60, brewed coffee, dalgona sweeti marie, to non-coffee drinks, milkshakes, and various kinds of tea. The prices start from IDR 20,000 – IDR 45,000.

Meanwhile, the food served such us chicken sambal matah which is their signature dish, spaghetti, beef gyudon, teriyaki rice bowl, sandwiches, bagels. The desserts such as bread vanilla pudding and choco milo crepes. The prices they offer start from IDR 30,000 – IDR 65,000.

There is a Farm House facility that can be a place to stay overnight or staycation. Besides the hits hangout, you can also spend the night with the beautiful atmosphere of Mount Batur. This facility is included in the coffee tour package during coffee harvest and after harvest.

The name of their flagship package is the staycation package at Kintamani Eco Bike Coffee which is priced starting from Rp. 175,000/pax/night/bed with a bunk bed room type.

3. Kava Kintamani

Best Cafe in Kitamani - hang out places in kintamani with mountain view
source @kavakintamani

The sunrise panorama from Kava Kintamani, Bali is a cool view that you can enjoy here. This cafe raises the idea of ​​​​a local café by serving a menu of drinks and local Kintamani and Indonesian specialties.

The visitors came here, can enjoy food such as carp and mujair nyat-nyat, tek-tek noodles, spicy tuna rice, or chicken chili matah.

While the drinks are various coffees such as cappuccino, latte, to non-coffee type bandrek, sour turmeric, herbal tea, and so on.

Kava Kintamani has special products such as house blended and cold brew coffee beans that you can try. With very affordable prices, starting from IDR 18,000 – IDR 94,000.

Similar to the two hits hangout place in Kintamani above, visitors can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes with views of Mount Batur and Lake Batur.

The experience you will get

If the weather is sunny, visitors can also see the view of Mount Abang and Mount Agung from a distance. They prioritize the comfort of visitors, who want to enjoy a relaxed time while watching the panorama of Mount Batur in a relaxed manner.

Kava Kintamani is located on Jalan Raya Penelokan, South Batur, Kintamani, Bangli. This cafe begins to receive visitors every Monday-Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 WITA.

Saturday-Sunday, you can also enjoy the sunrise event. They have a special program called Sunrise and Chill at Kava Kintamani which is open every Sunday. Open from 05.30 WITA.

4. Tegukopi

Tegu Kopi View Gunung yang lagi hits

The terrace or balcony with a direct view of Mount Batur is the hallmark of Tegukopi, Bangli. Opened since 2019, Tegukopi offers a natural panorama of Kintamani that can be enjoyed from the outdoor cafe.

Being in the highlands makes the mountain panorama more alluring. The green nature of Kintamani looks even more beautiful with the background view of Mount Batur, Mount Agung, Mount Abang, and Lake Batur from a distance.

If you are lucky, you can also see a panoramic view of the ocean of clouds in the morning. In the outdoor place there are many beautiful photo spots. Many visitors choose to sit on the podium, or relax on the bench while enjoying coffee.

There is also a small spot in the corner of the podium that directly faces the mountain range from a distance.

The location of Tegukopi on Jalan Raya Penelokan, Batur Tengah, Kintamani, Bangli. This cafe opens every day at 07.30 until 19.00 WITA.

Just like other hangout places in Kintamani Mountain View, this place also provides a variety of menus, such as;

Various kinds of coffee, including latte or manual brew, long black, flat white, and signature dishes such as Es Kopi Tegu, Es Kopi Beerm and Es Kopi Madu can be chosen.

There are also other fresh drinks such as squash, juice, beer, milkshakes, to artisan tea types Minty Breeze and Temple of Rose. Prices start from IDR 10,000.

While the food menu is also a lot. Starting from the breakfast menu types of burritos, sandwiches and burgers, pasta, pizza.

In addition, there are also special menus for the type of chicken parmigiana, rice bowls, local menus of real mujair types, to desserts of lava cake and churros. Prices are quite affordable, starting from IDR 25,000.

5. AKASA Kintamani Coffee

source @akasacoffekintamani

The visitors to Akasa Kintamani Coffee can see the beautiful panorama of Mount Batur from the terrace with the glass podium.

Located adjacent to the four hangout spots hits in Kintamani above, namely on Jalan Raya Penelokan, Batur Tengah, Kintamani, Bangli.

The outdoor of this cafe has become a favorite place, with a glass balcony separating it into a beautiful touch with a special background view of Mount Batur.

If lucky, visitors can also see the moment of the ocean of clouds aka fog that vaguely covers the foot of Mount Batur.

Here are some interesting photo spots, such as the angel wing statue that provides a beautiful background view of the peak of Mount Batur.

There are also Instagramable lounge chairs placed around the cafe. If you want to relax in the indoor part, with a design that is no less beautiful.

The place is quite spacious with three floors, namely the ground floor, ground floor, and second floor. There are several types of coffee sold here. Such as manual brew, affogato, and cappuccino.

The coffee beans used are original from Kintamani. If you don’t like drinking coffee, you can also try non-coffee drinks such as tea, green tea, and beer. Prices start from IDR 20,000.

As for the food, the price varies starting from IDR 30,000. There are burgers, french fries, sandwiches, pizza, and various desserts which are open from 08.00-19.00 WITA every day.

Other activities in Kintamani besides Mountain View Hangouts

So those are 5 cafe hits, hangout spots in Kintamani that you can do in Kitamani. But you have many activities and tourist attractions in Bangli such as the exciting Kintamani that usually fills your holiday in Bali.

Among them; doing camping in the village of pinggan kintamani which is one of the best camping spots in Kintamani. Camping is also one of the hit activities in Kintamani that you should try.

Hopefully this information about 5 best cafe in Kintamani with view mountain can add information that will be used as a place to visit next. See you in the next article.