History of Bali Tourism – Developments from the Royal Era

History of Bali Tourism - Developments from the Royal Era

History of Bali Tourism – The island of Bali is one of the Indonesian archipelago and is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. The tourists came to Bali will be treated to beautiful places. Starting from the countryside, mountains and beaches. In addition, Balinese culture and customs are also an attraction for tourists to visit Bali. So, let’s see the history of Bali tourism..!

All tourists who will come to Bali will pass the entrance to Bali, namely Ngurah Rai Airport. So that the Bali government can record the number of visits from year to year. Before Bali was known as the most popular tourist destination there were many developments that had been experienced before. Which is a milestone in the history of tourism in Bali.

History of Bali Tourism

The first time Bali got a visit from an outside area was the first tour carried out by Maha Rsi Markandeya. He came from Java to spread Hinduism on the island of Bali in the 8th century AD. Then followed by several other Spiritual Figures arriving to the island of Bali who had the same goal as Maha Rsi Markandeya.

Meanwhile, the first foreigner who came to Bali was Cornellis de Houtman from the Netherlands in 1579. He was the first westerner to arrive on the island of Bali. His presence was part of an expedition that was looking for spices and trading in the archipelago.

Even though they didn’t get the spices they wanted, during their visit the group explained about the beauty of the island of Bali.

They visualize the island of Bali as just a life with its culture based on their truly unique thinking. And never found anywhere else as long as they circumnavigate the world

History of Bali Tourism - Developments from the Royal Era

The nature is really beautiful and has a certain charm. This island by its residents is named Bali. Here’s what they reported to the King of the Netherlands at the time.

Along with the recognition of the archipelago as a spice-producing country, in the 17th century to the end of the 19th century. Meanwhile, the island of Bali itself is famous in terms of culture and nature.

Development of Bali Tourism 1920 until early independence 1945

Until the early 20th century when Bali was completely conquered by the Dutch, the entrance for westerners was wide open. And this is a milestone in the early history of the influx of tourists starting in the 1920s.

In the 20th century the Dutch merchant ship KPM (Koninklijke Paketcart Maatsckapy) with the shipping lanes of Singapore, Batavia, Semarang, Surabaya, then visited the port of Buleleng Bali with several tourists from Europe.

Initially this ship cruise was for trade, but due to the large number of requests to visit the Buleleng pier, this cruise line was changed to Bali Express to fulfill the wishes of tourists who want to come to Bali.

Then the Dutch government opened the first official representative for tourism affairs in Bali, the name “Official Tourist Buerau” in 1924. Tourists visiting Bali at that period were so crowded that the Bali Express Ship was obliged to cruise up to 18 times per year.

The people who promote Bali tourism for the first time

Of the number of tourists who come, there are several artists, painters and writers from Europe who help promote Bali in the international world. Among them, Dr. Gregor Krause who was assigned directly by the Colonial Government to immortalize the island of Bali through photos and books. Miguel Covarrubias with his book The Island of Bali in 1930.

History of Bali Tourism - Developments from the Royal Era

Mrs Menc (Ni Ketut Tantri) with her book Revolt In Paradise. While the most famous at that time was Walter Spies (one of the artists who participated in the making of the Kecak Dance with Rudolf Bonnet. He was with I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, Tjokorda Gde Agung Sukawati.

Le Mayeur, and Antonio Blanco. Some of them live and consider Bali as their home. Even the humorist Charlie Chaplin had also visited the island of Bali at the invitation of Spies in 1939.First Hotel in Bali

Information related to the beauty and unique culture on the island of Bali quickly spread by word of mouth in parts of Europe. The name of the island of Bali at that time was known as The Island of Gods.

With the increasing number of tourist visits to the island of Bali in 1930, the first hotel in Bali was made by the Dutch Colonial

Government in the heart of Denpasar.

At that time the entrance to the island of Bali was not only by sea but also by air with the opening of Tuban Airport in 1935.

Bali Tourism Development during World War II

Tourism activities in Bali stopped during the period of World War II and the War of Independence until the incorporation of the island of Bali into the Republic of Indonesia on August 17, 1950. Several foreign tourists returned to visit the island of Bali.

To support it, the Indonesian government began to carry out professional tourism management with a massive ratio. because not only tourists from abroad but from domestic tourists began to travel to Bali.

Bali Tourism in the Age of Independence

Meanwhile, during the First President of Indonesia, Ir Soekarno. He made Bali a place to receive state guests while introducing Bali to a wider audience in the eyes of the world.

Several state guests at that time: First Indian Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, North Vietnamese Leader Ho Chi Minh, to American President Jhon F. Kennedy.

On Bung Karno’s idea, in Tampaksiring in 1957, the Tampaksiring Palace was made to welcome State Guests. Then in 1963, it was Bung Karno who initiated the construction of the Bali Beach Hotel on the Sanur beach.

History of Bali Tourism - Developments from the Royal Era

This hotel can later become the tallest building in Bali to date. Because according to the Decree of the Governor of Kdh. Kindergarten I Bali dated November 22, 1971 Number 13/Perbang. 1614/II/a/1971. It includes if the building in the Bali Region is optimally high with a coconut tree height or 15 mtr.

The division of tourist areas in Bali

Since then, the arrangement and development of tourist areas has begun to be explored. So that 9 districts in Bali can experience and receive foreign tourist visits, including:

  1. Denpasar
  2. Badung
  3. Gianyar
  4. Bangli
  5. Buleleng
  6. Kelungkung
  7. Karangasem
  8. Jembrana
  9. Tabanan

Until now, Bali tourism has become an example for Indonesia’s tourism development. Through Bali, the central government continues to promote tourism potential in other Indonesian islands.

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