Mount Agung Trekking, Choose this Start Point Trekking

Mount Gunung Agung trekking, Pilih Jalur Pendakian Aman Ini

Mount Agung Trekking Package will certainly make it easier for you to plan your climbing to Mount Agung. Mount Agung is an active volcano with an altitude of 3142 meters above sea level.

This is the highest mountain in Bali, located in Rendang district of Karangasem, Bali. And became the second most popular mount trekking after Mount Batur trekking

About Mount Agung Bali

Mount Agung Bali is the highest peak of the island of the Gods. It’s the oldest volcano and as the parent of other volcanoes with an altitude of 3.142 meters above sea level.

In addition, Mount Agung itself is a volcano with a stratovolcano type. Where on this mountain has a very large and deep crater.

Until now, the most sacred mountain for Hindus in Bali is still an active volcano. In fact, the crater of this mountain often emits smoke and water vapor.

On the western slope of Mount Agung there is the largest temple in Bali which is known as the Besakih temple. If we watch from Besakih Temple, this mountain looks special with a sharp cone shape that is so perfect.

Although from various aspects it has a sharp shape, but in fact the shape of the peak of this mountain is elongated. Furthermore, at the end of the crater is over in a circular and wide.

Ascent difficulty level

Climbing Mount Agung is categorized as the most difficult climbing activity for beginners. Because the time needed is approximately 4 to 7 hours of travel depending on the Mount Agung Climbing Path you choose.

Walking in the middle of the dark night through the forest without the supervision of people who understand the climbing situation is something that can make our guts shrink. Moreover, the situation is new to us.

Categorized as one of the sacred mountains that has a high sacredness, it is very risky for you for climbers. Not infrequently the climbers lost their way.

Mount Agung Trekking without a Guide, is it possible?

Mendaki Gunung Agung, Pilih Jalur Pendakian Aman Ini

For this adventure activity, recommended that you use a local guide. Because the hiking trail is long and can be said to be confusing for novice climbers who want to climb this majestic mountain.

In addition, you will feel safe with people who understand and understand the ins and outs of Mount Agung. So the guide can see the condition of the climbers when climbing through a long, steep, slippery and rocky path.

This majestic mountain guide union is very compact, we can see that when there is an incident they will contact each other to ensure the safety of the climbers they handle.

In addition, the guide is very understanding about the path that we will pass for 5 to 7 hours walking in the darkness of the wilderness.

Although maybe one of you has climbed Mount Agung before. But you need to consider carefully if you want to climb Mount Agung without using the services of a guide.

Since the disappearance of several climbers who tried to climb Mount Agung without a guide in May 2009. Therefore, every climber of Mount Agung is required to use a guide.

Start Point Mount Agung Trekking

If you plan to climb Mount Agung Bali, first know which path you will choose. Each path you have a different level of difficulty. There are 3 climbing routes for Mount Agung that you can choose from.

There are three lanes for climbing Mount Agung, namely: the Pasar Agung Temple Line, the Besakih Temple Line and the Budakeling Path through Jackfruit.

However, currently actively used for climbers and recommendations from local guides are only 2 climbing routes, including climbing through Pasar Agung Temple and Besakih Temple. The following are the levels of difficulty, advantages and disadvantages of 2 Mount Agung climbing routes

1. Mount Agung trekking via Pasar Agung Temple

Mendaki Gunung Agung, Pilih Jalur Pendakian Aman Ini
Start Point Pendakian Gunung Agung via Pura Pasar Agung

This is one of the easier start point trekking with a shorter distance and time. Therefore, climbing Mount Agung via this route is the most recommended.

However, because the location is relatively far away, those who usually use this route are those who are staying the night in the Karangasem tourist area, such as the Tebola Sidemen Village.

Using this route, it will take us 4 to 5 hours from the start point to the 2nd peak of Mount Agung with an altitude of 2,850 masl.

The starting point mount Agung trekking via Pasar Agung Temple is at the foot of the south side of the mountain, precisely in the Straits sub-district, Karangasem district with a basecamp at Pasar Agung Temple via the Straits Market.

2. Start Point Mount Agung Trekking via Besakih Temple

Mendaki Gunung Agung, Pilih Jalur Pendakian Aman Ini
Start Point Pendakian Gunung Agung Via Pura Besakih

While the start point mount agung trekking via Besakih Temple is at the foot of Mount Agung on the southwest side. The location is very close when within reach of other tourist attractions such as Ubud and its surroundings. You only need 50 minutes from Ubud center.

However, if you are in a Bangli tourist area like Kintamani, you only need 35 minutes to get to this basecamp.

In addition, this hiking trail is a commonly used climbing lane. The basecamp location for climbing from this lane is at Pengubengan temple, Besakih village, Rendang sub-district, Karangasem Bali.

The time needed from the start point to the top of Mount Agung is about 6 to 7 hours of travel. The height of this mountain peak is higher than the climbing route via Pasar Agung. This is the first peak with a height of 3,142 masl.

If you want to see a more perfect panorama then use this route, but please note that the duration of the climb is quite long. Prepare well, you need to take care, such as physical condition and prepare enough food and drink supplies.

Ticket Prices and Guide of Mount Agung.

Regarding the cost of a guide to climb Mount Agung, it is much more expensive than a guide to climb Mount Batur. The price of the Mount Agung climbing package usually depends on the company that provides the Mount Agung climbing service you choose.

But if you plan to climb Mount Agung, it’s a good idea to invite friends to reduce the cost of a Mount Agung guide. Because the price to be paid can be shared with your friends.

For 1 guide can handle 5 climbers at a price per guide of 500 thousand to 850 thousand. So you can divide it according to the number of your group when climbing.

The ticket price for climbing Mount Agung is actually relatively cheap, per person only costs Rp. 25,000. This is paid when entering the nature reserve area (BKSDA Ticket). You can buy the ticket at every climbing post that has been prepared.

Meanwhile, the cost of renting a Mount Agung guide through the Besakih temple lane (the longest lane) is generally between Rp. 700,000 to Rp. 850,000 for each guide or guide. When you use this path.

For the climbing lane through the Pasar Agung temple, the rental price for the guide is around Rp. 500,000 to Rp. 650,000. Rental prices are generally according to the number of participants in one climb.

So that’s a little information about tips for climbing Mount Agung Bali, I hope you can add information and can plan this activity according to your budget.

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