Mount Batur Trekking Rules for Beginners and Professionals

Mount Batur Trekking Rules for Beginners and Professionals

Mount Batur Trekking Rules for Beginners and Professionals is important things that must be known by professional climbers and beginners. Mount Batur Trekking is a fun activity in Bali, walking under the dark time to climb Mount Batur with an altitude of 1,717 meters above sea level.

You can see the beautiful sunrise from the top of the mountain with the ocean of clouds. It’s an experience that you will not get in other tourist attractions in Bali.

Now, before you climb to Mount Batur Kintamani Bali, it’s a good to listen the prohibitions or rules that you must follow in the mount climbing. Both climbing of Mount Abang and Mount Batur. In this time I will explain the prohibitions or rules of Mount Batur trekking for beginners and professionals.

The Mount Batur trekking rules for beginners and professionals

In this article I deliberately made it. Because often we and the team saw the delinquency of climbers who ignore these prohibitions and rules. Hopefully this article will be a reference for those of you who have plans to climb Mount Batur later.

Maybe some of you already know that mountain climbing activities are loved by young people and families who like adventure. Even today, we see many children under the age of ten accompanying their parents climbing the mountain.

Why Mount Batur Trekking suitable to your holiday time?

We did a survey to some of our loyal customers about why they choose to spend their vacation time by climbing Mount Batur. The reasons vary depending on the type of climbers. And here are their reasons;

  • The majority of them want to see a beautiful panorama on the mountain. Than, share this rare moment on social media and share it with friends.
  • Some, want to challenge themselves to get to the top and test their physical and mental abilities.
  • Because they are tired of the usual vacations, they choose to climb the mountain as a new thing.

Next, let’s to know and understand the prohibitions and rules that must be known before climbing the mountains in Bali, especially Mount Batur.

Mount Batur Trekking Rules for Beginners and Professionals

12 Mount Batur Trekking Rules have to know

In essence, every tourist spot in Bali has rules that visitors need to obey. Like when we climb a mountain, of course there are taboos that need to be adhered to. That applies to beginners or professionals one

1. For female climbers, avoid climbing Mount Batur when on menstruation.

According to the hindu bali beliefs, all mountains in Bali are sacred places. They believe that the mountain is the palace of the gods. And for women who menstruate is not recommended to climb this mountain.

2. Don’t Climbing If One of your relatives has just died.

For the Hindu community, if a member of our family dies, we should not visit temple or holy places. This generally lasts for 7 days and is referred to as the cuntaka period.

3. It is not permissible to ignore the appeal of the officers in charge of the Mount Batur Climbing Area.

When going to climb Mount Batur. There are a few appeals that will be said by the officers who are at all points of climbing Mount Batur. One of them is to what point the limit of climbing that you can do and which places you should not go.

Previously, we need to know that not all places on this mountain can be visited by you. There are some places that are purified and only used specifically for religious ceremonies. Besides that, there are also several points with slightly risky terrain to pass.

4. Avoid Climbing Mountains without registering identity first.

Register yourself with the officers who are at each climbing office. In this case, we highly recommend using the Mount Batur guide.
Of course they will tell you about which places you can and cannot go. Besides that, they will make sure you are safe and comfortable throughout the tour.

5. Use the trails Provided

Before climbing, it’s a good idea to know a little about safe hiking trails. Therefore, follow the existing path.

This will minimize of bad things to happen. Bad things are like going the wrong way or going through a risky and forbidden path.

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6. Indifference to the safety of others

Hiking activities will certainly be more exciting if you are with a group. Therefore, the safety of participants in the group is a priority.
This is definitely more valuable than a personal desire to get to the top regardless of friends or family in your group.

Mount Batur Trekking Rules for Beginners and Professionals

And must be remembered, the climbing is an activity with directly related to nature. Weather conditions and erratic natural conditions sometimes become obstacles when we climb.

If natural conditions do not allow, we must also know when to stop or have to go back down without reaching the top. When the weather is bad, don’t force the desire to reach the top without thinking about the safety of yourself and others in your group.

7. Don’t change or destroy hiking trail signs

When we on the mountain climbing route in Batur Kintamani village, don’t do these stupid and useless things. Sometimes it’s okay to joky, but it shouldn’t hurt other people.

We saw some climbers doing it with changing the signs of the hiking trail. This can be bad for other climbers as they will walk into the wrong one.

8. Don’t commit acts of vandalism at the top of Mount Batur

It’s really a shame, there are so many climbers done this embarrassing. Writing a name or community on Mount Batur may seem trivial, but it can destroy the panorama and make this mountain look dirty.

9. Do not pick-up any plants or objects along the hike

As long as you are on Mount Batur, you are free to take tens or even hundreds of photos. Besides the beautiful panorama, there are also other interesting things you can find.

Like very rare flowers and stones that can be used as rings. Please still preserve the environment without destroying it by taking some of those things to take it home.

10. Avoid being separate from you group

When climbing, make sure no one separates from the group. Chances are you also understand that everyone has different stamina.

It would be better if you put the person with the weakest stamina in the middle of the line, so they don’t fall behind.

11. Bonfire only when you need it

When the weather is the coldest you can light a bonfire. But this should be done when absolutely necessary and in a place away from dry grass.

Mengenal Start Point Pendakian Gunung Batur

The reason is to minimize the occurrence of forest fires. It’s often fires caused by the remaining bonfires that have not been completely extinguished.

12. Don’t litter

The last prohibition is regarding waste. This is the most serious one even though there are many climbers who do not really care about the cleanliness of nature and the environment.

Many are lazy to take the garbage they produce and leave it just like that until it falls apart and spoils the panorama of course.

Activities can to in the Kintamani

Attractions and tourist activities can do besides climbing Mount Batur, such as visiting the old village known as Bali aga Trunyan Village. Here you can see the funeral tradition that is not buried in the ground but placed under a tree.

In addition, you can do Pinggan Village Camping Kintamani to enjoy the sunrise with a panoramic view of the mountains and lakes. Then we can also pamper our bodies by swimming in the Kintamani hot springs. Natural sulfur water that comes out of the belly of Mount Batur.

So that’s about the rules must obey on Mount Batur trekking. Let’s obey the existing provisions for safety in mountain climbing in Bali… greetings adventure..!!!