Pinggan Sunrise Camping – highlights and Price

Camping Di Desa Pinggan Kintamani

Pinggan Sunrise Camping in Kintamani – are you looking for an alluring Sunrise Camping Place in Bali to visit? If so, here is a discussion about the attraction, camping facilities and Camping Prices in Pinggan Kintamani Village.

Hello travelers, see you again with the admin of Kabarwisatabali. The author travel guide in Bali. This time I will review about one of the camping spots in Bangli Regency.

More details about a pinggan sunrise camping spot in Kintamani which has a beautiful natural attraction. Which is located in the highlands of the mountains on the island of Bali, namely Pinggan Village.

My explanation this time is presented to add information about the list of popular and good camping or camping places in Bali.

Like Camping on the Edge of a Lake in Bali, namely Buyan lake, then Batur Campground lake, Camping in the Kintamani Pine Forest to Camping on a Hill in Bali and others.

Okay, before we continue, let’s find out what the tourist attraction of Pinggan sunrise Camping in Kintamani Village is like? and what are the facilities provided along with the price of camping tours at Bukit Pinggan Kintamani Bali?

Now to answer all the questions above, this time I want to invite friends at the same time to know the info on camping places in Kintamani below.

Camping in Pinggan Kintamani Village, Bali

In addition to natural attractions, family tours, beach tours, water parks in Bali, zoos in Bali. The special attraction of Bali tourism as a tourism icon on the island of the gods so far remains the same, namely the exoticism and romance of natural tourist attractions in Bali.

Friend traveler’s, there are several natural tourist attractions in Bali that have so far attracted the interest of many tourists from outside and within the country to exploit their tourism,

starting from the natural attractions of beaches in Bali, then lakes in Bali, rice terraces in Bali, hot springs in Bali, waterfalls in Bali and hilly natural attractions in Bali.

Well this time we will review about the natural hillside tourist attractions in Bali, the most popular as a camping site in Bali is the Camping site at Bukit Pinggan Kintamani.

Friend traveler’s, Pinggan Village is a tourist village in Bali. The most popular and become a village tourism recreational destination that is no less interesting than other tourist attractions in Bali.

Like the tourist attractions in Jatiluwih Village. Then Munduk Village, Trunyan Village, Penglipuran Village. Then Tenganan Pegringsingan Village and of course Penelokan Village in Kintamani and others.

And here are the most famous Villages in Bali as the most beautiful Sunrise Watching Places such as Sunrise on Sanur Beach.

Camping Tourism Attractions in Pinggan Kintamani Village

Here are some reasons and attractions why many tourists camp in Pinggan Kintamani Village Bangli Bali.

Now’…. This camping site at Bukit Desa Pinggan in Kintamani Bangli is so far really famous as one of the Instagramable Tourist Places in Bali.

Pinggan Sunrise Camping - highlights and Price

A Really Beautiful Place to Watch the Sunrise in Bali

Friend traveler’s, there are some interesting things and unique experiences that you can get. And watch and feel it when you go on a trip to a camping site in Pinggan Kintamani Village.

As one of the things that makes the Camping place in Bukit Pinggan very popular in the eyes of tourists, it is a place to witness a very beautiful natural phenomenon at sunrise.

Natural Tourist Places in Bali that are Really Beautiful and Natural

Friend of the traveler’s, the Kintamani tourist area so far, besides being popular with the elostism of the natural beauty of the highlands and mountains, is famous for its cool air temperature.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Kintamani is always crowded with tourists who want to be able to enjoy it every day.

From the location of Camping in Pinggan Kintamani Village, we can see the beautiful Panorama of Mount Batur with Lake Batur from a height,

And what’s interesting, as we know that near Lake Batur there are natural hot springs, Toya Bungkah Hot Spring and Toya Devasya Kintamani.

And what is unique about this campsite in Kintamani Bali is that this place presents a panoramic view of the hamlet below which is foggy with a beautiful mountain background in the morning.

Best Time to Watch Sunrise in Pinggan Kintamani Village

for friends who want to watch and enjoy the exotic beauty of the most optimal when the sun comes out in Pinggan Hamlet,

I recommend it for friends who are not camping there, so try to come to the camping location of Pinggan Kintamani village before 05.00 WITA.

Why so ? that’s because the exotic and romantic sunrise on the hill Pinggan Kintamani starts to appear from 06.00 WITA.

But for friends who are camping in Pinggan Kintamani Village, of course, friends don’t need to be complicated like getting up in the morning to not miss the sunrise in this Pinggan hamlet.

Pinggan Sunrise Camping - highlights and Price

The Best Time to Camp in Pinggan Kintamani Village

Many tourists who camp at this campsite in Kintamani are interested in documenting the sunrise moment in Pinggan village,

Now to see the attraction and beauty and the beautiful panorama of thick white fog covering the village of Pinggan on this hill, make sure not to camp during the rainy season.

and the best time to camp in the village of pinggan kintamani to see the perfection of the beautiful sunrise with fog in the village of pinggan is around September – November.

Make sure not to get cold, wear this !!

The camping site in the village of Pinggan Kintamani is located above an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level. Therefore the air temperature here, during the day is cool and the nights are really cold.

The important thing is that you really know, the tourist area of ​​Pinggan Village in Kintamani Bali has an average temperature of 15-17 degrees Celsius, really cold isn’t it?

The solution is so that you don’t get cold, so make sure when camping in the village of Pinggan Kintamani, friends must use a thick jacket.

Or it can also be thick clothes, and don’t forget to wear long pants and shoes with socks to take into account the cold mountain air in Pinggan Hamlet.

Interesting Recreational Activities at Kintamani Camping Site

The first thing you can get for sure is to enjoy the fresh mountain air with cool temperatures, perfect for a place of refreshing and relaxation in Bali.

The second interesting thing you have to do is don’t forget to document the excitement while camping, while watching the sunrise and white fog with camera shots.

The good thing that you should not miss is posing with the background of the Love Tree in Pinggan Kintamani Hamlet, which is as beautiful as the Love Tree in Nusa Penida.

After enjoying the romantic sunrise view, you can continue your journey towards Gitgit Waterfall which is located not far from Pinggan Kintamani Hamlet.

Camping Ticket Prices in Pinggan Kintamani Village, Bali

Good news for those of you who are interested in camping so that they can watch the sunrise in the village of Pinggan with the attractiveness of the beauty of the white fog, now there is no charge or free.

Facilities for Camping in Pinggan Kintamani

You will be on height place, when this article was written, you should not expect you to find culinary places, especially Romantic Places to Eat in Bali that are there.

Therefore, make sure for those of you who are camping in the village of Pinggan Kintamani to bring supplies of drinks and food as needed, because there are no drinking and eating stalls there.

Also, there is no camping tent rental place in Pinggan Kintamani Village, therefore you have to bring camping equipment from home, respectively,

The location of the camping site in the village of pinggan kintamani

This camping site in Kintamani is located in Pinggan village, Kintamani sub-district, Bangli regency, Bali. The location of the pinggan kintamani village is about 73 KM from Denpasar and 45 KM from Gianyar’s most popular tourist attractions. Recreational places in Ubud,

Then the location of this pinggan village from the direction of the tourist attractions in Badung are the most popular such as recreation areas in Kuta, recreation areas in Seminyak and recreation areas in Canggu 85 KM,

However, if it is reached from the most popular tourist attractions in Tabanan, namely the Recreation Area in Bedugul Bali, it is 66 KM, and from tourist attractions in Karangasem it is 58 KM.

Places of interest nearby Camping Sites in Pinggan Kintamani Village, Bali

For those of you who make itineraries for Bali tour packages and one of the goals is the pinggan village, there are several tourist attractions that are close and interesting to visit

Starting from Lake Batur with its Ulun Danu Batur temple, then Penelokan village, then there is Bali Aga Village, a unique resting place in Trunyan Village,

Next, the hot springs toya bungkah and toya devasya, then the Jeep Sunrise tour and one return that should not be skipped is the Batur Kintamani Geopark Museum.

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Well, that’s information about addresses, location maps, tourist attractions and facilities. Hopefully it can add to your Bali tourism information.