Recommended 9 Spot Silakarang ATV Bali

9 Rekomendasi Spot Silakarang ATV Bali Yang Murah

Confused about what to do in Ubud for those of you who are on vacation in Ubud? Well mine has a solution, which is to join to do Silakarang ATV Bali Tour. Great wild nature exploration by exploring the countryside in Silakarang by using ATV vehicles or commonly called Quad Bikes Bali.

Silakarang village is one of the villages in the tourist area of Ubud, precisely the southern part of Ubud. To reach this village, you only need 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai airport or 20 minutes from Ubud Center.

ATV Silakarang is very easy to reach by car or motorcycle. Because it is on the main road to Ubud. If you go from the tourist area of South Bali in the direction of Ubud, then you will meet this village in the middle of the trip.

Recommended 9 Spot Silakarang ATV Bali

In this Silakarang village, there are several spots where you can try Bali ATV riding adventure. If you want to know where the ATV spots are, please see the list of Bali ATV Silakarang below, ranging from the best and most complete to the cheapest.


9 Rekomendasi Spot Silakarang ATV Bali Yang Murah

HAMAKA ATV as one of the most complete atv ride service providers in silakarang. With experienced guide staff and good ATV bikes ready to provide an awesome experience throughout the atv riding adventure in silakarang Ubud Bali.

This atv provider provides the most complete facilities among tv providers in silakarang, singapadu Ubud. Starting from safety standards, lockers, changing rooms, towels and soap they prepare for free. Because it has entered into the rental package ATV. Lunch and full insurance are also included.

This is the most important thing in the adventure activity of atv riding in silakarang Ubud Bali. Adventure with a time of 2 hours through rice fields, forests, rivers, settlements and mud. This is the most challenging track in silakarang at the moment.

Hamaka ATV Silakarang Price

Singgel ATV Ride : 450.000/ person
Tandem ATV Ride : 700.000/ 2 persons

Silakarang ATV Murah di Bali

2. ATV GREEN Bali Adventure

Bali Green Adventure

Then ATV Green Bali Adventure is also one of the ATV spots that has a dragon cave track in Silakarang. This Spot offers a pretty good ATV adventure track with a challenging track.

In this ATV adventure, you will be taken to drive around by ATV motorbike through the countryside, rivers, rice fields, artificial waterfalls, and unique Dragon caves.

Activities playing ATV here will run for approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Even then it really depends on your skills in driving an ATV and speed when you ride.

For the facilities provided are quite complete prepared in this adventure spot. Starting from ATV vehicles, helmets, boots, experienced guides and changing rooms. However, they do not provide lunch at this time. So it’s very different with HAMAKA ATV.

ATV Green Bali Price

Singgel ATV Ride : 450.000/ orang
Tandem ATV Ride : 650.000/ dua orang

ATV Murah di Bali


9 Rekomendasi Spot Silakarang ATV Bali Yang Murah

The next Provider of ATV Silakarang is Outback Ubud Adventure. This is one of the ATV spots that provide ATV adventures in silakarang with a duration of about 1 hour 45 minutes-2 hours.

The path that will be passed is also quite challenging, namely crossing rice fields, countryside, then River tracks, and jungle tracks with wet and muddy terrain.

Each participant will be given safety equipment such as helmets and boots for safety throughout the adventure. In addition, the adventure will be accompanied by an experienced atv guide in his field.

4. RAKA ATV Adventure

Raka Bali Adventure

Raka ATV Adventures and Farm is also an atv ride service provider in silakarang which offers adventure trails and tracks that are no less exciting. You will be taken to ride an ATV across the countryside, temples, rice fields, and muddy and thrilling off-road tracks.

Exploration will run approximately 1.5 hours and accompanied directly by a professional guide. Throughout the adventure, you will be given the opportunity to stop for a moment anywhere if you want to pose.

While facility safety standards are prepared in the form of helmets and boots. Until, you can adventure comfortably and safely.


Naik ATV di Ubud

Kokat Bali ATV has a fairly challenging exploration path. Where you will be invited to cross the countryside, rice fields, rivers and jungles with a variety of exciting and thrilling tracks.

While the ATV ride adventure in this spot is almost the same as other places, which is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. With safety standards such as atv motorcycles, helmets, and boots provided for participants.


Bali Sunset Ubud

Bali Sunset adventure ATV has also offered an ATV ride experience with a track that passes through residential villages, rice fields, plantations, rivers, and off-road tracks that are quite exciting.

Best ATV in Bali : ATV Kuber Bali Adventure, ATV Tour in Ubud Bali

During this adventure, participants are advised to use safety equipment that has been provided. Like boots and helmets. Next, a friendly atv guide will accompany you for 1 hour of atv riding adventure in silakarang.


9 Rekomendasi Spot Silakarang ATV Bali Yang Murah

Bali Skutis adventure ATV is also located in silakarang village which is an atv spot that has adventure activities with village paths, rice fields, and jungle with very challenging terrain.

You will be invited to explore the nature of silakarang by ATV for 1 hour 45 minutes-2 hours. Of course, the time will depend on how fast you drive.

For adventure equipment that has been provided including helmets and boots and you will be accompanied by a guide.

8. BEJI RIVER Silakarang ATV

Beji River Adventure Bali will give you the experience of riding an ATV on a natural track with a green natural panorama.

The Walk will last 1.5-2 hours. The path will be through the countryside, rice fields, exciting river tracks, and the most thrilling muddy tracks.

The facilities prepared by this spot are the same as other atv providers in silakarang. Like there are helmets, boots, and ATV bikes of course. Your trip will be accompanied by a professional guide.

9. GO ATV Bali Adventure

Go ATV Adventure Bali is also one of the ATV providers in Silakarang which has ATV play spots that cross rice fields, countryside, rivers and waterfalls with tracks and tracks can stimulate adrenaline.

During the conquest of all existing tracks, you will need approximately 1.5 hours. All equipment such as ATV, helmet, and boots have been prepared in this atv spot. So no need to bring it from home.

Well, that’s 9 lists of Silakarang ATV adventure spots that you can try in Silakarang Village. As for the price, I only know the price of 2 atv places.

As for the price of other ATV Silakarang usually different from one place to another. It depends on the facilities they provide.

Important things to bring

Prepare a few things before going to this adventure spot. Here are some important things you need to prepare for a better experience. Among them :

  • Spare Clothes
  • Plastic bags
  • Sunblock / Sunscreen
  • Camera / hp that has a camera
  • Extra Money

Tips for riding ATV in Silakarang for beginners

Before you join this ATV activity, you need to know first about how to ride an ATV in Bali so that your adventure is more fun. Here are tips on ATV riding in Bali for beginners, let’s check!

  • Use safety equipment-before this ATV riding adventure you are required to use safety equipment such as helmets and boots.
  • Know the basic techniques in riding an ATV-ATV riding techniques are actually not much different from motorcycles. The difference is only in the gas operating step and the operation of the gear between forward and reverse.
  • Don’t lower your legs when the ATV is running-it is the most fatal thing especially if the ATV Quad Bike that you ride is still in road conditions. Because, ATV tires can drag your feet
  • Don’t play ATV when under the influence of alcohol-because, the influence of alcohol on us can make your concentration decreases while riding.
  • Follow the instructions of your ATV Guide-for our safety, you should always follow the instructions of all the instructions they provide during this ATV tour.

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