River Caves Tubing Ubud ; Location, Price and Facilities

Cave Tubing Ubud Bali; Lokasi, Harga dan Fasilitas

The Adventure of River Caves Tubing Ubud Bali is a new adventure tourism activity in Bali. Tubing is currently a favorite activity for tourists coming from Australia and domestic. Where they can release boredom in their daily activities in their country.

Besides Riding ATV Bali, tourists are getting interested in this cave tubing in Ubud Bali. Feel the sensation of floating on the water in an inflatable boat that can only be boarded by 1 person through the extraordinary wilderness. Then you will be invited to pass through a cave in a beautiful river hidden in a secret canyon.

Come and join this exciting activity, drop your body in an inflatable tube then explore the green nature with forests and canyons. Find unique and natural things like the wild flowers that thrive on the riverbanks. Enjoy a very beautiful rural atmosphere with a cave tubing adventure in Ubud Bali.

River Caves Tubing Ubud Location

Located in the Tegalalang area of Ubud, about 25 minutes from the center of Ubud. I think the location doesn’t take long because you can take the Ubud – Tegalalang route.

This place is the only river with cave tubing that was made during the Japanese colonial period and is an amazing relic Now.

Cave Tubing Ubud Bali; Lokasi, Harga dan Fasilitas

Exciting experience you get in River caves tubing ubud Bali

During this cave tubing, you will be given the most memorable experience with the most unique tubing in the cave river on the north side of Ubud center!

In addition you will also find the amazing Cave Bali river with natural water that is very refreshing with a beautiful rural environment.

The river is not very deep, therefore all participants can swim safely and comfortably along the cave river!

Ubud Cave Tubing Facilities

  • 1 Hour Cave Tubing on the River with Japanese heritage caves
  • Experienced Cave Tubing Guide
  • Equipment, Lockers, Towels, Shower and Changing Room
  • Lunch
  • Insurance during Tubing

Cave Tubing Ubud Bali Prices

If you are interested in trying Tubing in Bali, you need to prepare a fee of 275,000 per person. The fee you will pay to get all the facilities.

For children, the price is the same as the price for adults, because those who can play cave tubing are from the age of 6 and above. This tubing is not accompanied by a guide in 1 boat so only 1 person is enough in the tubing boat. It is very difficult for children under the age of 6 years. Of course, participants must be able to control the boat alone.

But don’t worry because your professional guide will always be by your side. with a separate boat of course.

Places of Interest near Tubing Caves Ubud

It doesn’t feel like a one-day trip is complete when you just try this unique activity. So you can combine several tourist attractions that are in the same direction as this Bali cave tubing, including;

This is a popular tourist spot that you can visit after completing the cave tubing activity in Ubud Bali. Because the location is also in the center of the Ubud Bali tourist area.

Cave Tubing Ubud Bali; Lokasi, Harga dan Fasilitas

How to Find Ubud Caves Tubing

To achieve this activity you can use a motorbike or private car, because here there is no public transportation or online transportation available. So Book a tubing activity with hotel transfers is the best way for you.

But the problem is that you can’t visit other tourist attractions if you book cave tubing with a hotel transfer. But it’s pretty good if you just do cave tubing.

But if you want to combine it with some other tourist attractions I recommend using the service rent a car with driver , I recommend Bali Tripon.

Usually the driver will wait until the tubing activity is finished and can be invited to visit other tourist spots that you want to visit.

Things That Need to Be Under

This activity will be done in the water, so make sure you bring a change of clothes to use after the tubing is done. Then to protect your skin from sunburn, use sunblock

You can also wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun during the day. Hats are an alternative if you are afraid of the heat.

No less important than the ones mentioned above is the camera, because you can’t do this exciting experience every day. So capture your exciting experience.

So that’s a little information about cave tubing Bali in Ubud. So make your travel schedule more enjoyable. If you are interested in doing this activity, you can contact the admin at whatsapp number 081217205656.