Sangsang Waterfall, Hidden Game in Bangli

Air Terjun Sangsang, Objek Wisata Tersembunyi di Bangli

Sangsang Waterfall is a hidden waterfall located in the forest in Bangli Regency. Because, it is included in the category of hidden tourist attractions, of course you need extra energy to reach the location of this Sangsang waterfall.

But your tiring journey will be paid off with a green and leafy environment. With a beautiful waterfall panorama with heavy water discharge from above a height of 30 meters above the cliff.

When viewed from the list of tourist attractions in Bali, Sangsang Waterfall is included in the list of tourist attractions in Bangli. Located in a remote village, namely the village of Taman Bali, Bangli District, Bangli Regency, Bali.

Interesting thing of Sangsang Waterfall

This hidden tourist spot also known as Sangsang Waterfall has a green nature with various wild flowers that thrive around it.

In addition, this Sangsang waterfall has a height of 30 meters from the cliff with the water flow falling very fast, it looks like a slide. More swift when compared to the Aling-aling waterfall in Buleleng.

Being in the middle of an unspoiled forest will certainly make visitors experience a little difficulty in reaching Sangsang Waterfall in Bangli Bali. Because road access is not well available.

Meanwhile, there is no signboard that leads to the Sangsang waterfall. On the way we will pass through thick bushes and ravines.

This place has not been taken care of, not only that it is also almost untouched. So the place is very beautiful.

The waterfall is faintly visible, covered with thick leaves. This Sangsang Waterfall has five levels. The position of this waterfall is not perpendicular, there are several cliffs every few meters until it reaches the 5th level.

This place is perfect for those of you who really have a high adventurous spirit and like challenges.


Unlike other tourist attractions in Bangli, the Sangsang Waterfall area has not been managed properly. So that there is no parking space and rest area and other supporting facilities.

How to reach to Sangsang Waterfall

For tourists who come from the Bangli area, of course, they will not be confused in trying to reach this waterfall. Because they must have known a little about Taman Bali village.

But the problem will be faced by tourists who come from out of town and of course they are confused and afraid of getting lost. I recommend using a transportation service with a local driver so you don’t get lost.

Using a motorbike or maybe a private car is a suitable transportation option when visiting this waterfall. As for the address, you can access it via google maps installed on your mobile-phone.

Air Terjun Sangsang, Objek Wisata Tersembunyi di Bangli

However, can you use public transportation? the answer is yes, you can use public transportation such as public buses or other public transportation that leads to the Bangli terminal.

Next, you have to use a motorcycle taxi or private transportation to the Bali Garden destination, then walk to the Sangsang Waterfall tourist attraction in Bangli.

Tips to Visit Sangsang Waterfall

Here are tips before visiting this waterfall that you need to know, including;

  • Don’t come during the rainy season.
  • Prepare supplies, drinking water and others.
  • Bring a camera or phone with a camera.
  • Remember to bring medical equipment (examples are soap, wet tissue, some medicine, antiseptic).
  • Prepare physically and your vehicle so that your vacation runs smoothly.
  • Always be careful.

So that’s a little description of the hidden waterfalls in Bangli. Please see and get updated information about tourist attractions in Bali with see you in the next article.

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