Tebola Sidemen Village – A Tourist Village With Beautiful Rice Fields

Desa Tebola Sidemen - Desa Wisata Dengan Bentangan Sawah Indah

Tebola Sidemen Village is an alternative as a tourist destination on the island of the Gods, especially for the East Bali area. This tourist village is located in the Banjar Adat Tabola, Sidemen Village, Sidemen District, Karangasem Regency.

In Tabola Sidemen, there is another tourist spot, namely Cepik, which is known as Cepik Sidemen. Even though it is located in the Village area, the reason for its fame as a tourist destination, because it is often referred to as Tabola village by tourists.

Highlights Tebola Sidemen Village

The Tebola sidemen village, presents a beautiful rural nature with a wide expanse of terraced rice fields. And a river that flows with clear water. Then the thick local culture makes the Tabola tourism area a popular tourist destination for foreign tourists.

This rural natural attraction offered in Sidemen Karangasem has become an alternative tourist destination besides the beach on the island of Bali, especially for the East Bali area.

The beauty of Bali is indeed more the same as mountainous nature such as Bangli tourist areas such as Kintamani. Which provides beautiful natural tourism with other Balinese cultural customs such as the Gianyar tourist area.

Each tourist area has different characteristics and beauty, such as the Singaraja tourist area which is dominated by the beauty of its waterfall. There are many beautiful waterfalls that you can see in Singaraja Buleleng. Please see the list of the best waterfalls in Buleleng.

As for southern Bali or the Badung tourist area, it presents natural beach attractions with panoramic views of the sea. Great for marine or casual recreational activities. Many coastal areas that are quite well known are the tourist attractions of Kuta beach, Tanjung Benoa beach, Canggu beach, Pandawa beach and Jimbaran beach in the South Bali area.

But when you are in the tourist village of Tabola Sidemen, you will feel a different holiday, the natural attraction of a beautiful village, beautiful with a stretch of terraced rice fields will welcome your presence here.

A great location for family vacations and children, including good to complete your honeymoon vacation.

Things to Do near Tebola Village

The Tebola village tourist attraction Sidemen has a characteristic with mountains with cool air. In addition, views of mountains, hills, fields and verdant rice fields are the advantages of this tourist village.

Sidemen is one of the villages in east Bali which is included in the list of Karangasem attractions, which are famous for songket Bali. This is a famous songket production site with the name Songket Sidemen.

Many songket lovers come to local people who are used for religious ceremonial activities, and foreign tourists. What’s more, now the sidemen songket has been made into other artificial products such as bags and wallets.

The Places of Interest Near by Tebola Sidemen Village

Not only as a producer of Balinese songket cloth, the sidemen area has several other tourist attractions that can attract tourist visits.

So that’s a little about the Tebola Sidemen Village as the best tourist spot that provides natural tranquility and unique culture that you can visit in East Bali.