Thousand islands Nusa Penida, Attractions that Make Your Heart Fall

Pulau Seribu Nusa Penida, Daya Tarik yang Membuat jatuh Hati

Thousand islands Nusa Penida, Attractions that Make Your Heart Fall. A lots tourists very interested in vacationing in Bali and Nusa Penida when visiting Indonesia. Especially in Nusa Penida which also has many natural tourist destinations that will spoil your eyes, such as the Thousand Islands, Nusa Penida.

With blue ocean view to the coral mounds is very beautiful because they form like small islands. No wonder many tourists are interested in finding out about the Thousand Islands before visiting them with family or relatives.

This location not far way from the diamond beach, Atuh Beach and Teletubbies Hill in East Nusa Penida.

Highlights of the Thousand Island Nusa Penida

Who doesn’t know the Thousand Island located on Nusa Penida? Of course many people already understand. Not only local tourists, even foreign tourists also know about this popular tourist attraction and many come often.

Being one of the most popular tourist objects, of course there is a special attraction that the Thousand Island Nusa Penida has. The reason is that many tourists are very interested in visiting this one tourist attraction repeatedly without getting bored.

So, what are the attractions of the Thousand Islands, which are one of the favorite objects in Nusa Penida? Of course this will make people curious about this place, especially if you have never visited Pulau Seribu at all.

Famous as the Thousand Islands Viewpoint

Thousand Island famous for its beautiful natural scenery, has another nickname, Raja Lima, Nusa Penida. The location of thousand island, which is opposite the island of Bali, looks beautiful with views of towering rocks.

Apart from that, the Thousand Islands Nusa Penida also has another cooler name, the Thousand Islands Viewpoint. Even though it has many other names, Seribu Island remains the most favorite tourist icon for all tourists.

These names also have their own basis so that they are not arbitrary names for certain places. Because the Thousand Islands present a beautiful panorama from the top of the cliff in several angles so it is very interesting.

Pulau Seribu Nusa Penida, Daya Tarik yang Membuat jatuh Hati
Rumah Pohon dengan View Pulau Seribu

Easy to Reach Other Attractions

Why have a trip to the Thousand Islands? Of course this is often a question when curious about this one tourist attraction. Not many people know about the true charm of the Five Kings so they are very curious.

One of the attractions of Raja Lima or Thousand Islands Viewpoint is its strategic location. Not only can they find one tourist attraction, but tourists can still reach other tourist objects.

Attractions that are located close to the Thousand Islands Nusa Penida are Atuh Beach, Diamond Beach, and the Tree House. To be able to reach and enjoy other tourist objects, tourists only need to do a little trekking

Have Enchanting Viewpoint

If planning to take a tour to Nusa Penida, of course you can’t miss the popular Thousand Islands Viepoint. Because Pulau Seribu presents a very beautiful natural panorama with views of exotic coral mounds.

It’s no wonder that many domestic and foreign tourists like to travel to the Thousand Islands. In fact, many say that it will not be boring to enjoy the scenery at this tourist attraction.

Because Pulau Seribu has an attraction that other tourist objects don’t have, so it’s very interesting. Namely with views of Titibahu Bay and Parangempu Bay as the backdrop of the very beautiful Thousand Islands.

Spot Foto Instagenik

Making Nusa Penida as one of the destinations when traveling is certainly the right choice because it presents many tourist objects. One of them is the Thousand Islands Nusa Penida which has its own charm so it can attract tourists.

Pulau Seribu or Raja Lima Nusa Penida offers beautiful and exotic natural scenery that can spoil the eye. So the right choice if you invite your family or beloved relatives and friends to visit the Thousand Islands.

In fact, every tourist can also capture every beautiful moment in a photo or video so that it is always remembered. The reason is, the panorama presented at Raja Lima is instagenic, so it is very popular with young people.

Beautiful Natural Panorama

There are many things that become the main attraction of Raja Lima Nusa Penida that have succeeded in lulling tourists and always wanting to come back.

One of them is the natural scenery that is presented like a real world paradise. Almost the same as the West Nusa Penida tourist attraction, namely Kelingking Beach

Everyone can enjoy the beautiful view of the Thousand Islands through the Molenteng tree house during the day. This is because the location of the tree house is close to the Pulau Seribu tourist attraction and requires just a little trekking to move locations.

Even visitors to the Thousand Islands Viewpoint can also stay in a tree house to be more satisfied with enjoying the view. Visitors can enjoy views of the famous sunrise and sunset which are very beautiful from the tree house.

Location of the thousand islands of Nusa Penida

Pulau Seribu Nusa Penida, Daya Tarik yang Membuat jatuh Hati
Diamond beach View Pulau Seribu

The location of the Thousand Islands Nusa Penida is located in the southeast of Bali Island which is separated by an ocean so it is necessary to cross the ocean. Can use a speed boat or fast boat from the port which is located in Bali.

Usually you can go through the Port of Sanur, Kusamba, Pesinggahan, or others who have a schedule to Nusa Penida. The sea trip from Bali to Nusa Penida takes about 30 minutes so it’s quite fast.

But when they arrive at Nusa Penida, tourists must return to travel overland to the east, either by motorbike or by car. This is because the location of Seribu Island is at the eastern end of Nusa Penida which takes about 90 minutes for the overland route.

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Facilities available

As one of the most popular tours, of course the facilities provided are also very concerned by the manager. This is intended so that tourists can feel comfortable, feel at home, and not get bored to return to the Thousand Islands, Nusa Penida.

Not only can you see the panorama of nature, the tourists who come can also buy various souvenirs typical of the area. Lots of souvenirs right around the tourist attraction and also small stalls selling food and drinks.

Even the parking area is also very wide available so that visitors who bring a car need not worry. Other facilities such as toilets and prayer rooms are also available and suitable for use when visiting the Thousand Islands.

Entrance ticket prices for the Thousand Islands Nusa Penida

Talking about the Thousand Islands, of course, immediately makes you impatient to visit this one tourist attraction. Because Pulau Seribu has its own charm so many people like this Raja Lima tourist attraction.

Even admission to tourist attractions is also free, but there is a parking fee of 5,000 rupiah for motorbikes and 10,000 rupiah for cars. Meanwhile, fast boat ticket prices range from 75,000 rupiah to 100,000 rupiah, which are still affordable for tourists.

Pulau Seribu Nusa Penida, Daya Tarik yang Membuat jatuh Hati

Tourist Attractions in the same direction to Thousand Island

It feels incomplete if you only see the Thousand Islands in East Nusa Penida, without visiting tourist attractions that are in the same direction or adjacent to the Thousand Islands. For tourist attractions near the thousand islands are as follows:

1. Diamond Beach

A beach that needs to struggle hard to reach it. Located near the thousand island location. This place has an amazing sea panorama. Usually tourists just have to choose the right place to take pictures on this diamond beach.

2. Atuh Beach

Meanwhile, atuh beach is actually in the same location as Diamond Beach, only the photo spot location is in a different position.

3. Banah Clif Viewpoint Nusa Penida

This is a mound of rock that sits on the edge of a sea cliff facing directly into the ocean. This location is usually used to enjoy the amazing sunset.

4. Tree House Nusa Penida

An inn built on a large tree on the edge of a sea cliff that has a direct panorama of the Thousand Islands. This location is a favorite place for tourists who want to make instagrammable photos.

5. Teletubies Hill

A wide hill that has a mound resembling a house from the Teletubbies children’s film. This mound is the same as the house used by the cast of this teletubbies film. Very unique indeed.

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All places of interest in Nusa Penida have a unique beauty and are able to pamper visitors. Like the Thousand Island Nusa Penida, which is located in the southeast of Bali, also offers beautiful and unique views.