Twin Hill Instagramable Spot in Bangli

Twin Hill, Spot Instagrammable di Bangli

Twin Hill, Instagramable Spot in Bangli – Following the spread of social media users, taking photos seems to be becoming more and more commonplace. Not only done by young people, selfie activities are also not left behind by middle-aged to elderly people.

Especially if the activities carried out are considered memorable, such as a picnic for example. Not infrequently lately people have picnics not only looking for places with interesting views, but ‘must’ have good photo spots.

So, for you selfie lovers, Twin Hill is a tourist location that you must visit. The reason is, this tourist destination offers a variety of instagramable spots in Bangli, Bali, besides cafe instagramable di Kintamani.

Twin Hill Location

Twin Hill is located in the hamlet of Guliang Kawan, Bunutin Village, Bangli Regency. The name is inseparable from the two hills around the tourist site, namely Bukit Madeg and Bukit Jati. The distance of this place from Denpasar is about 32 km.

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You can rent a motorbike or car from the center of the provincial capital of Bali to reach these twin hills. With this distance, it is estimated that you only need about 1 hour.

Even though it’s not very well known, this place has provided adequate parking areas, so you don’t have to bother at the location.

Amazing Views

Twin Hill, Spot Instagrammable di Bangli

The main attraction of Twin Hill is the green or beautiful view from the top of the hill as well as rural areas. There are a number of spots built to pamper visitors. One of them is a place made of bamboo and looks like a boat bridge.

From this point, you can see rice fields as well as green plants spread out before your eyes. A number of buildings can also be seen from this place. In addition, there is also a place made of wooden planks attached to a tree.

From this spot, you can see the rice fields more optimally. The view will be very wide from this point and is suitable for your selfie photo background. If you are a true adventurer, you should not forget to take binoculars with you.

Apart from just taking pictures, from these vantage points, you can peek at more interesting things with binoculars—which cannot be seen with the naked eye. One of them, if your weather is clear from that point you can see the island of Nusa Penida.

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New Spots Make Photos Even More Exciting Apart from these spots, Twin Hill recently also introduced new spots. The Stone Garden and Animal Park can be your alternatives for hunting for beautiful photos. The two spots were built on a former abandoned rock mining area.

Thanks to the creativity of ‘artists’, the idle land has now become a charming area and is able to attract the attention of visitors. As if not wanting to leave its origins, Stone Garden looks unique with a variety of beautifully arranged stones. In one part it even looks like planted rock.

Best Time to Visit Twin Hill

Meanwhile, to get the perfect view, make sure to come in the dry season. Then, choose to come in the morning or if not, just in the evening. This is so that you can get a more alluring natural panorama.

If you come early, you will practically find the atmosphere of the sunrise and the air is still cool. Conversely, in the afternoon, you can feel the atmosphere of twilight on the hills

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Even though you won’t get a sunset view like off the coast, the twilight glow that refracts onto the leaves is a sight that is no less amazing.

Apart from taking pictures, Twin Hill also offers a variety of other pleasures, such as outbound, camping as well as adventurous tours in the Bukit Batu Madeg area. How, interested in visiting this new tourist spot.